Women and Weightlifting: Worthy of consideration

In the modern world, debates about women tend to be inconclusive as some accept some claims while some reject it out rightly.  One of those hot debates is that women should not be involved in weightlifting.

Some see weightlifting by women as a welcome development while others see it as either a waste of time or a development that is not necessary. Weightlifting is a type of strength training where the sole aim is to develop the strength and the size of the skeletal muscles.

Weightlifting may also be called Olympic-style weightlifting, which is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic Games. Locally though it involves normal lifting of heavyweights.

I once heard there is nothing with advantage without disadvantages; one may only be greater than the other, weightlifting has its own advantages and disadvantages too. In this article, we would be considering in details the benefits or advantages of weightlifting and also the disadvantages attached to it, and at the end, we will be able to reach a conclusion about which is good or bad.

Advantages of Weightlifting for WOMEN

  1. Reduced body fat: Women generally house more fat in their body than men do, weightlifting though help builds muscles, and as these muscles are being built and are increasing, so does metabolism. With a higher metabolism, one will tend to burn more calories throughout the day. Research shows that if a woman trains for 2 to 3 days a week for just 2 months, she would have lost as much as 3.5pounds of fat ( She will definitely be relieved), that is for a pound of muscle gained, 40 to 50 pounds of calories are being burnt daily.
  2. Gain strength without bulking: Women are scared of weightlifting because they don’t want to become bulky. It is a misconception as women no matter how hard they train cannot be built like men, owing to the fact that they don’t have the needed testosterone. Women testosterone is 20-30 time smaller than those present in men and hardly gains size from strength training. Instead, women develop muscle and needed strength without adding much size.
  3. Improve posture and reduces back pain: Another benefit of women weightlifting is the stability added to their posture and reduction in pain. Weightlifting will strengthen the back, the shoulders and the core; it will also help to correct bad posture so as to help a woman stand taller both with her shoulder back and a straight spine instead of a bending one. The benefit of a strong back and core in women is that it will help prevent lower back pain.
  4. Enhance mood and reduce stress: Endorphins are present in our body; exercise and weightlifting help release these endorphins. These endorphins are a neurotransmitter that prevents pain, help improve mood, and help fight depression. When the endorphins are present in large quantity, it helps stimulate the mind and help improve one’s alertness and energy. So women who lift weight is bound to have a good day.
  5. Reduce the risk of Osteoporosis: Weightlift effect is not limited to the muscles alone, but it strengthens the bones. As woman lifts more weight, they reduce the risk of fracture and breaking of bones that are very popular in women. Weightlifting also helps build or increase spinal bone density to help create a strong and very healthy. It also helps reduce or remove the risk of getting injured.

Disadvantages of weightlifting for WOMEN

  1. Muscle soreness: When sore and aching muscles appear in women, it can cause problems for them. These sore muscles develop at the start of a new workout, and when a woman experience this, she feels a lot of pain, and this is bad for her health. The pain she will be feeling is not in any way helping her health; instead, it’s adding more problems to her.
  2. Risk of Injury: Women are not as strong as men, women get injured easily; this cannot be said of men, when women start lifting weight, it will increase their chances of getting injured.
  3. Stress fracture: Stress fractures are the tiny little cracks in the bone caused by force applied to the body and overuse of these bones. Repeated use includes jumping, running and applying the same quantity of force to a heavy load using the hands. Women are more affected by these situations than men, especially in weight absorbing or bearing bones like the lower leg and the feet. Women experience twice the stress experienced by men after weightlifting.
  4. Bulking: Though considered as myth by most, one fact is everyone gets bulky after repeated weightlifting, the picture of women looking bulky is very annoying and will, in fact, give them more wardrobe problems. For this, it is advisable that women should not see weightlifting as an option.
  5. Waste of time: There are other activities a woman can engage in during her spare time, weightlifting is largely a waste of time for women, apart from the fact that men may not admire her ripped body she tends to spend precious time in the gym trying to build what is not needed.

Judging by the evidence available

In conclusion, weightlifting by women can be categorized rightly under exercise. The fact is exercise is generally good for everybody, both male and female. The advantage of weightlifting in women is obviously more and important than the disadvantages that exist. One could only advice that women should make sure that they are lifting the appropriate weight and make sure that they lift under a controlled environment.

The health benefit of weightlifting for women is one reason why it will be reasonable to advise women to engage in weightlifting, it possesses more good than bad, and it helps than it hurts.

Well, those arguing against it may in their world have a point good for them, but if they could only turn to see the good part of weightlifting for women, they will know that it’s what we all must encourage our women to engage in.

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