Guava: Health Benefit of Guava and Guava Leaves

This fact I’m sure of, you must have seen a guava fruit before. I also know that many have eaten the guava fruit before.

If you are like me, you must have tasted guava fruit juice before. It is one of the most popular fruit in Africa; the fruit has an oval shape in most cases.
This tropical fruit originated from Central America. When ripe, this fruit has a light-green or yellow color. This fruit contains edible fruits that can be eaten; this fruit is also planted to provide future generation.
Not only the fruit is useful, but guava fruit, leaves, and the tree as a whole also have one function or the other, they perform. To start with let’s check the nutritional benefit of guava;
Energy Content of Guava
• Energy-285 KJ
• Sugar-8.92 g
• Carbohydrate-14.32 g
• Protein-2.55 g
• Dieting fiber-5.4 g
• Fat-0.9 5
The fruit contains varieties of vitamin which include Vit A, Vit B, Vit C, Vit K, Folate, etc. It also contains minor nutrient like;
• Calcium-18 mg
• Iron-0.26 mg
• Magnesium-322 mg
• Manganese-0.25 mg
• Phosphorus-40 mg
• Potassium-417 mg
• Sodium-2 mg
• Zinc-0.23 mg

Health Benefits of Guava

  • Effect On Blood Sugar Level

Evidence has shown that guava has a strong effect on lowering the blood sugar level. Tests and use on animal have proven beyond doubt that the leaf extract help improves blood sugar level, and this gives birth to a long-term blood sugar control, and insulin resistance. Drinking guava leaf tea can be very beneficial for people who have diabetes.

  • Effect On Heart Health

Heart health is boosted massively by guava. Guava contains a high level of vitamin and anti-oxidants. With a high level of vitamin and anti-oxidant in the body, scientists have proved that the heart can be protected from getting damaged by the effect of free radicals. Hence, guava fruit stands as a good option.
High level of bad LDL Cholesterol can hurt the hearth health. Hence the guava leaf helps lower the effect of bad LDL Cholesterol, and improve the effectiveness of the good HDL Cholesterol. Eating ripe guava fruit before the meal is another good way to lower blood pressure by 8 to 9 points.

  • Effect On Women Menstruation

Dysmenorrhea, one of the painful symptoms experienced by women during menstruation, which may result in stomach cramps. Studies have pointed out that when the guava leaf extracts are taken as a tea, they help reduce and in some cases eliminate the pain and intensity of the cramp. A recent study made use of 197 individual for testing sake, after taking 6 mg of the leaf extract, there was a reduction in cramp experienced by all the women. This makes the leaf an effective pain killer.

  • Effect On Digestive System

Fruits generally help aid digestion; guava fruit also stands tall when it comes to improving the effectiveness of the digestive system. If you take guava before your meal, it will help improve your bowel movement and prevent constipation. In fact, one guava can deliver 12% of your daily intake of fiber. The leaf is also beneficial for the digestive system; it will reduce the intensity and duration of diarrhea.

  • Effect On The Weight

It is a medically known fact that particular types of fruits can aid weight loss amongst people who are looking to lose weight. Guava is a low-calorie fruit, having just 37 calories and a medically recommended 12% fiber. Despite that fact, Guava contains vitamins and minerals, making it nutrient efficient. All these does not imply that Guava lacks in nutrients in any way, as a matter of fact, Guava can fill up the stomach while conveniently aiding weight loss.

  • Effect On Cancer

Cancer has been proven to be one of the leading major causes of death worldwide; it is, therefore, worth mentioning that Guava leaf has also been proven to have an ‘anti-cancer effect.’ Researchers have shown that Guava leaf extract can counter or totally stop the growth of cancerous cells in the body. The invariably high level off antioxidants in Guava is one of the reasons it can counter the spread of cancerous cells in the body. Even though researchers have been able to show all these, continuous research needs to be made, before it can be used as a preventive measure for cancer.

  • Effect On Immune System

Fruits in general usually have positive effects on the immune system, and Guava is not left out. Guava contains a high level of vitamin C; which reduces the risk of infections and illness in the body, thereby boosting the immune system. It will be interesting to note that the Guava contains double the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C; meaning that it contains double the amount of vitamin C contained in an orange. It is advised that a person gets a daily intake of vitamin C through fruits.

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