Essential or Not: Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Do you know that humans cannot survive for more than three days without drinking water? If this does not pass the message, the point is you need to drink enough water to support living.

Water is one essential thing the human body need to survive. It is very affordable and often can be accessed freely. Yet, Many fail to grab the benefit of this free gift in full.
Many often see water as what you take when you are thirsty alone. Some have even gone a step forward by taking energy drinks when thirsty even when the body calls for water. Bad decisions! Follow along now as I provide you with some essential health benefits of drinking water regularly.
Quick fact

• The body of an adult is made up of 60% water
• The human Blood is 90% water
• Skin is vulnerable to wrinkling and skin disorder when you’re dehydrated
• As of present, there is no universal agreed volume of water that must be consumed on a daily basis.

Reasons why you should drink water regularly
Here are some essential reasons why you should prioritize drinking water daily:

  • Enhances Physical Performance

Human performance can be improved if they take water regularly. This is more obvious during intense exercise or intense heat. At such times, the water level in the body reduces drastically. Dehydration sets in when you lose up to 2% of the water in your body.
Active Athletes, on the other hand, can lose 6 to 8% of the water in their system due to sweating. When this happens, such ones find it hard to control their temperature, improve their motivation, and fatigue sets in instantly. Even their mental strength folds up.
With optimal hydration, you will be able to stay focused and improve your performance, whether sporting or other activities.

  • Improves the Brain Functions

The brain functions are enhanced when you take the right quantity of water. The brain function is profoundly altered when the body loses as much as 1 to 3% of its water contents. This might affect the mood, concentration level, and result in complications like headaches.
In fact, when the water level in the body is reduced, anxiety and fatigue automatically set in. These effects are apparent in men, women, and children.

  • Water Reduces Constipation

After eating, the food fails to digest very well, and you start to face difficulty passing stool, this condition is referred to as constipation. This is a common problem that affects many humans today.
One of the treatment protocol for this condition includes taking of water. Many who are often affected by this condition are known for drinking little quantity of water. With carbonated water, relief comes for constipation and other effects of lack of water.

  • Water Help Treat Kidney Stones

The urinary system, when filled with mineral crystals forms painful crams which drinking are referred to as urinary stones. The most popular form of this urinary stone is kidney stones which are formed in the kidney.

What is unknown? If taking water can help reduce the effect in people with this condition.

What is known? When an individual takes more fluid, this increases the volume of urine that will pass through the kidney. The concentration of the mineral in the body is then diluted effectively, bringing about a reduction in crystallization and clumps formation.

The initial formation of the stones can thus be prevented if you take active steps early on by drinking water.

  • Drinking Water on Weight Loss

Those on weight loss goals are often advised to take plenty of water to help achieve their goals. For example, a recent research shows that taking half a liter or 17 ounces of water can improve metabolism by up to 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours.
So let say you take 2 liters of water is what you consumed daily, then your total energy can skyrocket up to 96 calories per day.
Drinking is essential, but the timing is also crucial. It is best to drink water half an hour before taking your meals, and it works better. You will be more full, and this will allow you to take fewer calories.

Screened Dieters who drink half a liters of water before taking their meal are known to lose up to 44% of their weight over 12 weeks. When you drink water cold, it adds more energy to your body and will help up the body temperature.

Moments of thought…
Losing 1 to 3% of fluid equates to losing 1.5 to 4.5 lbs. (0.5-2kg) of the total body weight of a person weighing 150 lbs. (68kg).

Why not get a water bottle and take along with you all day, never stay for long hours without taking water. The health benefits are more detailed than just keeping you out of the thirst zone. If others have benefited from drinking, you too will surely benefit.


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