Skin Care: Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Sparkling

So, you have heard that a particular product will give your skin the best look, I am not here to dispute that.

Truthfully, there are thousands of healthy skin care products in the world that you can make use of, but beyond these products are millions of things you can do to keep healthy skin.

The human skin is so delicate and fragile that it must be attended to with utmost care. Being the protective layer of the body, that prevent bacteria, viruses, and infections from attacking us, it must always be in shape.

If this wall breaks down, you can be sure that death is near.

Do you know that aging can be delayed when you take good care of the skin? There are tons of skin problems that can also be prevented when you take good care of the skin.

If like me you want to maintain healthy skin, you want your skin to glow and sparkle, but you are not fired up to get all the expensive skincare products, or you don’t have time for intensive skin care, here are some essential tips that will help you care for the skin effectively.

Guard The Skin Against Sun
Exposure to the sun is one of the best ways to destroy the life of your skin. So, your quest for building a healthy skin starts with protecting the skin from having excess direct contact with the sun. The ultraviolet ray discharged from the sun is powerful to destroy the skin.Wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems are bound to surface with excess exposure to the sun. There are several ways to protect your skin even when you are outside, they include;

  • Using Sunscreen: a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF is a top choice for your skin. Sunscreen should be gently applied to your skin frequently if you are either perspiring or swimming
  • Using an Umbrella: this is a temporary measure. Do you need to carry out some action in the sun urgently, you can easily hold this to provide the protection from the sun you desire.
  • Stay under sheds: instead of staying in the sun when passing your time outside, it is best to seek protection under shades. This is needed more to avoid the sun between 10 a.m and 4 p.m.
  • Protective clothing: it is best to cover your skin with long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and brimmed hats that are tightly woven.
  • Use laundry protective: some laundry protective products are designed to give you exceptional protection against the sun and block the ultraviolet rays emitted.

Avoid Smoking

Skin wrinkles quickly when you smoke. This makes the skin look older than expected. The skin has some tiny blood vessel that supplies the blood needed, smoking narrow these vessels and reduce the flow of blood, resulting in aging of the skin and pale appearance.

Smoking Affects the Skin
It does not end there, smoking ribs the body of essential oxygen and nutrients; they are supposed to strengthen the skin.
Elasticity and strength are delivered to the skin by the fibers collagen and elastin, but smoking damage these fibers.


Smoking damages the skin
The chances of having skin cancer are heightened by smoking.

Another bad thing about smoking is the facial expression smokers make while inhaling and squinting smoke can contribute to wrinkling of the skin. So if you smoke, speak with a specialist to help you stop this habit.

Drink Water Regularly
In one of our previous post, we highlighted the benefits of drinking water. Will little dehydration, the skin starts to malfunction. The reason your skin looks dry and rough is that you don’t drink enough water.

Your skin will stay fresh and hydrated when you drink water regularly. Water works wonder.

Treat Your Skin Gently
This may surprise you, it is good to clean the body and shave, but these can affect the skin. Here are some healthy tips to follow:

  • Limit bath time: don’t stay in the shower for too long while bathing. As much as possible, avoid bathing with hot water. Hit water and long bath remove the essential oil in the skin, leaving it dry. Warm water is best for the skin.
  • Caution use of soap: soap are designed to remove excess dirt from the skin, but strong soap and detergent will remove the essential oil in your skin and leave it completely dry.
  • Shave carefully: do you notice bumps and pimple on your skin after shaving? These are signs that you are not shaving the right way. To shave, lubricate the skin with shaving powder, gel, or lotions, and remember shaving should be done in the direction your hair grows.
  • Pat dry and moisturize: after bathing, pat your skin dry with a towel and let some moisture remain. If needed, find a suitable moisturizer with SPF that fit your skin type.

Eat Healthily
Your skin needs antioxidants to help it fight disease affecting it, and prevent aging. Antioxidants help prevent inflammation of the skin and damage. Wrinkle formation is caused by skin inflammation, and antioxidants help counter the inflammation.

To improve your skin health, take a lot of fruits, especially those with fluids. Organic food is best for your health. It prevents your aging of the skin. Try whole grains and lean protein, explore diets with fish oil and fish oil supplements. All these will help make your skin look younger.

Manage Stress Reasonably
Skin problems and wrinkles can breakout quickly when the skin is subjected to stress. Stress gives birth to acne and other severe skin conditions. Healthy skin can be encouraged by taking active steps to manage stress.

  • Sleep well: getting enough sleep time will help you refresh your body and skin.
  • Exercise regularly: when you have a daily dose of exercise, your skin will be strengthened and rejuvenated by increasing the circulation of oxygen and blood.
  • Plan your activities: Acting on impulse is not the best thing for stress management. Have a to-do list and adhere to each schedule listed there.

When stress is avoided, the skin stays fresh and active.

Take-Home Point
You can preserve the life, freshness, and structure of your skin if you regularly take active steps to address things listed in this article. Aging and wrinkles can be avoided when you eat healthy food, drink enough water, avoid smoking, and clean the body regularly.

Do you have other suggestions or question? Feel free to use the comment section below.


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