What Is Preventive Healthcare and Its Benefits

It is sad to say, millions of lives are lost yearly due to diseases and conditions that are totally preventable. One of such study conducted in the United States in 2004 showed that half of the death recorded was as a result of avoidable exposures and behaviors.

So why would humans keep dying of things that shouldn’t kill them? Is it because we are not paying attention to the essential things in our lives? Or is it because humans are no longer concerned about their health overall? Could we keep blaming ignorance for all these?

No matter what you choose as your answer, the sad truth is if people are not educated about what they should do, many will keep dying unexpectedly, and this will wipe out the human generation sooner or later.

So, if you are reading this, congratulations to you. You are a step away from giving yourself better health and life. Here are some vital information about preventive healthcare that you should know.

Digging Deep into Preventive Healthcare

Millions of lives have been lost to several preventable conditions and exposures like cardiovascular diseases, chronic and severe respiratory diseases, diabetes, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity, infections, unintentional injuries, amongst others.

The truth is that these conditions are chronic and can cause the death of an individual. But at the early stage, they could easily have been avoided or attended to, failure to address them led to them becoming chronic and eventually leading to death.

The need for preventive health is now more intense due to the prevalence of chronic diseases and eventual death from these diseases. They are really on the rise daily. There are several ways to prevent diseases and infections from leading to death. Let’s explore some benefits first.

The Benefits of Preventive Healthcare

Remember, the goal of preventive health care or preventive medicine is to help you maintain good health for as long as you are living. It is intended to help extend your lifespan and help you stay healthy. The benefits include;

  • Increase lifespan: before infection or disease leads to death, preventive healthcare, or preventive medication will help you identify such infections and get rid of them quickly.
  • Reduction in Medical Bills: early identification of some condition will help you save lower your health care cost. Before you start to go for surgical processes and other intensive and expensive healthcare services, preventive healthcare will help you identify the condition early and thereby prevent you from squandering your money.
  • Help avoid experiencing chronic symptoms: some chronic disease comes with severe and painful symptoms. Identifying them before they develop to this point will help you avoid the pain and suffering it carries.
  • Makes treatment easier: identifying a condition earlier makes treatment easier. Some medical conditions are completely unavoidable, but your ability to spot them early makes treating and managing such conditions easier. You know things to avoid early and things to avoid. Overall, it gives you an edge over those with the same condition.

Your ability to spot conditions before they become chronic will help you improve your life overall. But how can you benefit from preventive healthcare o preventive medication? The next part address that point.

What Should You Do?

Since preventive healthcare will help you improve your lifestyle, it is then necessary to identify things you need to do to explore preventive healthcare. The preventive healthcare strategies are divided into Primal, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary prevention level (we won’t be discussing this.)

It is advisable to explore one of the following;

  • Immunization

Immunization or vaccination is one of the best ways to prevent yourself and kids from severe and damaging health conditions. After birth, to improve their boost their immune system against infections and sickness that can cut their life short. Vaccination can also help fight health conditions like polio, smallpox, measles, tetanus, chickenpox, hepatitis, diphtheria, and many more.

When some infections also breakout in some regions, vaccination is often advised to help protect you from getting infected. If you are in such regions, get vaccinated quickly to protect your health.

  • Regular Check-Up

As long as we can’t rely solely on the use of medications for healing all sickness, the best way to know your present state of health is by visiting nearby hospitals. It is essential to visit a nearby hospital regularly to know your current state of health.

Even when you are feeling healthy, try as much as possible to visit the hospital. Some condition won’t how their symptoms until they become chronic. A skilled doctor will help you know your health conditions and things you can do to address the situation.

Older ones need to remember that their health is not getting any better, so they must go for check-ups and do follow up on their health condition.

  • Disease screening

Disease screening, according to WHO is a presumptive identification of unknown disease in healthy individuals. This is done via testing, examination, and other procedures.

Chart showing benefit of disease screening
  • Preventive measures

Some other preventive methods you can take have a general effect on the body. They include eating healthy food, drinking sufficient water, exercising the body regularly, eating fruits and vegetables, sleeping well, having adequate hours of rest, and building a healthy lifestyle. These will help pitch your health meter at that green health spot.

To Think About

That you are looking healthy does not mean that you are healthy. The best way to know if you are is to go for regular checkups, to visit your doctor, and seek medical help immediately you notice changes in your health.

If you take active steps early om to address your medical issue, you will be helping yourself to a better life.

Do you have suggestions, experience, or advice, kindly use the comment section to let us hear you out.


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