Pregnancy: Helping Women Deal with Pregnancy

When the doctor declared that you are pregnant, how did you feel? For many joy fills their face as they found answers to their request. Pregnancy is a thing of joy, but with this blessing comes responsibilities. Many have found it hard to deal with pregnancy; in fact, for as long as a woman is pregnant, her entire life is affected.

At this point in a woman’s life, she is extremely fragile and needs to be taken care of in the best way.

In the good old days, when the food we consume is less poisonous, when foods we eat are healthy, when women engage in different forms of activities that strengthen them, dealing with pregnancy is a little bit easy.

Over the years, things have changed. The human body does not work as it uses to be, and the stress of each day weakens human more than expected. Hence women need to be given more attention to help them pass through this phase without trouble.

Follow along as we explore things pregnant women should do, and how their family members can be of help as they strive to deal with pregnancy.

How to Personally Deal with pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Here are some things you can do to improve your health:

Help women deal with pregnancy
Heavily Pregnant Woman

Speak with the Baby

Your baby listens to every message you pass, although they may not respond to every statement, they listen as you speak. Speaking with them is beneficial both to the baby and to you.

You feel less lonely, although it may sound like a one-way communication, but the fact that you have someone to speak to while alone keeps you entertained. Even though the baby may not understand, you are building their communication skills bit by bit by communicating with them regularly.

Never underestimate the good such communication will do you and your baby in the long run.

Try to Rest and Sleep Well

Humans generally need hours of rest. Rest helps us stay refreshed and fired up for other activities. When you are pregnant, the need for rest doubles. It is more important as you are significantly adding to your weight.

You must listen to your body. At the slightest of feeling exhaustion, or feeling dizzy, it is best to take a little nap or break from work. Sleeping late at night should not be part of your schedule, sleep early daily.

To get uninterrupted rest, as a parent, you can ask others to help with caring for your kids. You can give them assignments that will take them time to complete, leaving you with enough rest time.

Resting help, you keep your baby healthy even before they start paddling their activities. Rest and sleep are a must for every pregnant woman.

Eat and Eat Well

When you are pregnant, you are eating for two, at least not for yourself alone. Your baby draws nutrient from the food you eat, so it is best to eat regularly.

Worst than not eating is eating unhealthy food. You must ensure that the food you consume is from a healthy source. Ensure that your diet contains the essential nutrients beneficial for both you and your baby.

Drink water as often as possible as you tend to get dehydrated quickly while pregnant. Take a lot of fruits before your meals, and keep a consistent feeding pattern for the benefit of both yourself and your baby

Ensure you maintain a healthy level of blood sugar. As much as possible, don’t take anything alcoholic while pregnant. Good food will help your baby develop well.

Try Gentle Exercise Session

While pregnant, you’ll definitely not be thinking about exercise. But look beyond your present limitations and step out of that chair or bed and exercise your body.

Exercise will help lift your spirit; it releases certain chemicals in the body that will help you feel good irrespective of your condition.

Even though you are pregnant, your options are limitless. But ensure you do not engage in high-risk sports, contact sports, or heavy lifting sports, they can be bad for your health.

Go for gentle exercise like jogging, running, pregnancy yoga, or cycling.  If you have the means, you can explore swimming; all these will help tone your muscles, they will help you relax well, and give you the strength needed to survive this critical period of pregnancy.

Make exercise part of your daily routine, don’t just sit down all day, walk around, you will be helping yourself to better health.

Prepare for Birth

That day must not meet you unprepared. So, from the point you realize that you are pregnant, start preparing for birth.

You can start by learning what happens during pregnancy. In many countries of the world, there are several antenatal programs designed for pregnant women to help them enjoy every bit of their pregnancy period. It is best to attend these programs and participate fully.

Are there vaccinations, medication, or other treatment procedures designed for pregnant women, make use of these plans to improve your health overall.

You can go for scans, and schedule appointments with your doctor to discuss your options and things you should do before giving birth.

It is also essential to speak to others about what you are feeling. Every change in your body must be discussed with your spouse and your doctor. Don’t leave things to chances. Remember your baby’s life is dependent on how you handle yours.

How families and friends can help you cope

Pregnancy is not a condition one can deal with alone; others are expected to help through this period. Here are some things you can do to help pregnant women.

Help with Commuting

While pregnant, movement can become very tough for women, especially when they are heavy. So how can you help? Instead of leaving your wives to take public transport to work, it is better to drop them at work and pick them during the closing hour. They can quickly get tired and bored with even less stressful activities.

You can also help with carrying their bags and luggage if you need to walk a long distance. As a boss at work, can you remove them from activities that involve commuting while pregnant? If that is not possible, can you change their schedule so that they don’t have to do that during rush hours?

If you are in public transport with a pregnant woman, you’re not only helping them deal with pregnancy; you are doing nature good by offering them the chance to take your sitting space.

Everyone can be of help to pregnant women when it comes to commuting. Ordinary clearing the walkway for easy passage is beneficial for them.

Help with Meal Preparation

Pregnant women need to eat healthily, and they need to do this regularly. But when they handle all meal preparation by themselves, they might really not enjoy the meal.

Stress can make even the most delicious meal tasteless for pregnant women. But when they are helped with preparing meals, they tend to enjoy it more.

Why not take your wife our occasionally to taste food from other healthy sources. Prepare special meals for her. Join her in the kitchen when preparing meals. Eat together in the same dish that will make the meal more enjoyable.

Constant Communication is Important

As a woman, you definitely understand what that nine-month feels like. They need support and encouragement throughout the pregnancy period if they will get to deal with the pregnancy well.

Visit them at home and help with their tasks. Speak with them regularly, especially if they are often at home. Ask about their day and check on them to ensure all is going fine.

It might look little, but everything you do will have a lasting effect on pregnant women. And when they eventually give birth, share in their joy as they have won a battle many have lost.


Now that you’re pregnant, you can do a whole lot of thing to improve your health overall. Ensure you eat well, sleep well, and get enough exercise.

For friends and family, you can also help pregnant people enjoy every bit of pregnancy. Help with their daily activities, speak with them regularly, and ensure that they are never left alone, this are the best ways to help them deal with pregnancy.

We all work to improve the world when we treat pregnant women the right and dignified way, not just pregnant women, all women. Do you have suggestions, comments, or questions? Kindly make use of the comment section below.

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