Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Health Benefits of Palm Oil: 5 Amazing Benefits

You might look at the thick red liquid in your kitchen and think “what are the uses of this apart from frying and cooking”. You might also be curious to know What the health benefits of Palm Oil are. Worry no more! This article is centred on giving you accurate details on the health benefits of palm oil. Before we go into the details, let’s first get a work through on what palm oil is, its extraction process, and how it values in the world.

Palm Oil, in general, refers to any oil gotten from the fruit of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis). Palm Oil contains saturated fats and does not contain trans fats. The very popular palm oil is the Red Palm Oil which has grown to be a product of interest over time. Palm oil is an extract of both the reddish pulp and the kernel of the Palm tree. The trees often grow to be very tall.

Palm Oil Fruit

Palm Oil has grown to be an essential commercial and industrial commodity. The health benefits of palm oil are one of the few things that have made it become a very commercial product. It is used every day and in about 50% of consumer buying. And other extracts of Palm Oil are the essential ingredients in the manufacturing of other products. Products such as cosmetics, cleaning agents, packaged food, soap, candles, and many other popular products. Palm Oil is one of the rare products gotten from naturally occurring elements that have a wide range of uses coupled with health benefits.
Now that you know what Palm Oil is, and how its extraction process, let’s also consider its benefits to humans health-wise. Below are the health benefits of palm oil

Palm Oil Fruit
Ripe and unripe palm tree fruit

Palm Oil Benefits on Skin Health

You don’t necessarily need to rub palm oil on your skin to see its effects on your skin. It is a common saying that “you are what you eat.” This statement is, in fact, the truth, and palm oil is just the right example to prove this fact. It has natural softening and glows ability. The presence of a nutrient called Vitamin E that is known to have a positive effect on skin health is what gives palm oil this natural ability.

Researchers around the world have proven that Vitamin E has a “magical effect” on the skin and can go as far as helping to heal wounds on the skin, clear acne, and other skin breakouts.

Many cosmetic and soap companies in the world use palm oil in the production of soaps and creams.

Health benefits of palm oil

Palm Oil Benefits on Hair

Tocotrienol, which is one of the four compounds in the Vitamin E family, is mostly present in Palm Oil. Tocotrienols have antioxidant properties. Recent researches have shown that tocotrienol is essential for hair growth. The studies showed that tocotrienol, when taken over a particular time, drastically reduces hair loss in many participants.

Palm Oil overall has a very soothing effect on the skin; this makes it ideal for hot oil treatment. It also has a strengthening effect on the human hair. Companies that produce conditioning creams use palm oil as their primary ingredient, owing to its ability to affect the texture of hair.

Palm Oil Benefits on Brain Health

Tocotrienol contained in palm oil has many benefits, and one of them is improving the general health of the brain. Recall that tocotrienol is widely known for its antioxidant properties, these antioxidants are beneficial as they help to boost the performance of the mind. Researches carried out have proven that Tocotrienol can boost the performance of the brain. A study carried out on mice showed that Tocotrienol could increase cognitive function.

The abundance of vitamin E (the parent compound of tocotrienol) in palm oil is an additional health benefit. Vitamin E possesses antioxidant properties which can increase the functioning power of the brain. Even more, studies have revealed that vitamin E, when taken at the right quantity, can help to reduce dementia and also significantly stop growths in the brain.

Palm Oil Benefits on Sight

Beta-Carotene is a naturally occurring compound usually found in fruits. It has a reddish-orange colour. It is an antecedent of vitamin A. Vitamin A is the primary nutrient that helps in improving eyesight. Beta-Carotene is not only useful for the eyes but also possesses a wide range of health benefits.

But one of its major benefits is that it helps to improve the overall health of the eyes.
Palm Oil has the right quantity of vitamin A. Although, not in abundance like other nutrients but in the right proportion. Apart from Beta-Carotene, antioxidants present in palm oil can also help improve vision by metabolic by-products that can protect the body from free radicals that are harmful to eyesight.

So many research works carried out over time have proven that Beta-carotene is present in palm oil, and in just the right quantity. Other researchers believe that palm oil can help in fighting cataract.

Palm Oil Contain Important Vitamins

Palm Oil contains so many vital vitamins. The deficiency of these vitamins is very dangerous for pregnant women. Vitamins such as Vitamin D, A, E, are present in abundance in Palm Oil. In fact, it is even more dangerous for the fetus when any of these vitamins are not present in the body at all. Pregnant women who do not have high cholesterol levels need to add palm oil to their diet.

These vitamins are not only beneficial for pregnant women. Vitamin A, for example, is vital to the health, as it helps improve the immune system and also gives energy. Another essential vitamin, Vitamin D, helps to control insulin levels in the body, aid bone growth, and teeth growth. Vitamin E also plays significant roles in the health, by preventing inflammation, preventing cardiovascular issues.

The above stated are the significant health benefits of palm oil. It is imperative to note that people with high cholesterol levels need to watch the quantity of palm oil that they consume. What is also very important is that the health benefits of palm oil far outweigh its side effects.


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