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SpicedEssay Health Quiz: Earn Gifts as You Answer

Over the past weeks, we have posted series of health-related articles on SpicedEssay.  We do hope you have benefitted from reading one or more of the articles posted here.

We are happy to know that you have improved health. We are happy that we have been delivering quality health content that has benefited many.

So, before we start posting the articles prepared for the month, we would love to know how well you have been following us. Answers to the questions are scattered across articles posted on SpicedEssay in September.

Are you ready? Let’s roll and see how much you can answer

What have we learned?

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: Overview and Home Remedies

Here, we talked about this condition that affects men and reduced their ability to have sexual intercourse with their wives. We discussed some of the home remedies that can be used to deal with this condition.

  1. Pregnancy: Helping women cope with pregnancy

Women are fragile, and without taking good care of them while pregnant, giving birth will become hard. In this article, we discussed how we could individually help pregnant women to cope with pregnancy.

  1. Health Benefits of Palm Oil: 5 Amazing Benefits

One of our recruited health writers in this article discusses the health benefits of palm oil. Its benefits on the skin and the body overall. One amazing post you must definitely have gone through.

  1. Banana Nutrition: Health Benefits of Eating Banana

Here we discussed the health benefits of eating the banana. Funny enough, one of our readers asked: “Why Hushpuppy loves banana so much.” I know this post exposed you to the health benefits of banana, and the nutrition you stand to gain from eating this fruit.

  1. Watermelon Benefits: Top Health Benefits of Watermelon

This fruit is more of water, and it contains some essential compounds that make it perfect for your health. We explored these compounds and how you can benefit from taking watermelon. I guessed you love the post.

  1. Peptic Ulcer: Home Remedies and Important Tips to Know

In this article, we provided details that will help you come to know more about this critical health condition; peptic ulcer. We considered how you could keep yourself protected and safe. Completing the article with home remedies for this condition.

  1. Dental Infection: How to easily Keep Healthy Teeth

Without our teeth, there is no way we will eat. So how do you keep a healthy tooth? That was the focus of this article. We also explored some home remedies for dental infections and how to protect your teeth.

We do hope you all have benefited from the information delivered in these articles? So, let’s see how well you’ve been following us.

Here are the Questions

  1. Erectile Dysfunction can also be referred to as _________
  2. One quote on erectile dysfunction states, “if you will avoid ED, you must ______.”
  3. Mention one herbal remedy for Erectile Dysfunction
  4. What help can you give pregnant women?
  5. What compound of the vitamin E family is abundantly present in Palm oil?
  6. Bro-Carotene is often found in _______
  7. How many percents of the RDI of nutrition for Vit C is present in Banana?
  8. How many calories are present in an average banana?
  9. Watermelon contains how many percents of water?
  10. Watermelon is rich in two anti-inflammatory oxidants they are?
  11. What’s the popular source of Probiotics?
  12. An ulcer is caused by a bacteria named ______
  13. Mention any essential oil for treatment of dental infection

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  1. Oluwatomi

    These are the answers to the questions given.
    1) Erectile Dysfunction can also be referred to as “impotence”.
    2) “If you will avoid E.D, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle”.
    3) Ginseng.
    4) Help with commuting. Because during pregnancy, movement is difficult to pregnant women. And also help with meal preparation.
    6) It is a naturally occurring compound usually found in fruits. It is an antecedent of vitamin A.
    7) In banana, there is 11% of RDI of nutrition for vitamin C present.
    8) Healthline analysis shows that an average banana has 105 calories.
    9) Watermelon contains 92% of water.
    10) The two inflammatory oxidant are vitamin C and lycopene.
    11) Probiotics can be found in yougurt, fermented foods and probiotic supplements
    12) Helicobacter pylorus
    13) An essential oil for treatment of dental infection is Clove oil.

  2. Jane

    4. I can help her to prepare meal
    To carry heavy luggage, also handbag when trekking to a long distance.
    7. 11% of RDl
    8. 100 calories
    9. 92% of water
    10. Vitamin c and lycopene

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