Women’s Hygiene: 8 Easy and Healthy Tips for All Women

Women’s hygiene is an essential thing all women must think about daily. Personal hygiene is something that everyone naturally must think about. Irrespective of your age as a woman, keeping your genitals clean should be one thing you should think about every day.

But when it comes to women’s hygiene, many women do it the wrong way. For many, they really don’t know what to do. Hence, this article will deliver women’s hygiene tips that will help you keep your lady parts safe and secure.

The 8 Women’s Hygiene Tips

Pay attention to the following tips that will help you stay healthy;

Be selective when choosing undies

As a woman, choosing the material for your undie is one important task. When you go shopping for panties and other undies, it’s always an exciting time (for many). When you pick the wrong one, your vagina starts to feel sad as this will make it hard for it to breathe.

Women’s Hygiene
Cotton pant

It is often best to avoid wearing nylon panties. Instead, go for cotton products that give your lady part breathing chance. Nylon, on the other hand, will hold every fluid, and retain them against your skin.

Maybe you’ll need water retention at times, like when you are swimming, but you won’t always be under the water, and as such, it might be comfortable, but it is not the right option for you.

Thrush or Candidiasis can result from wearing nylon material. Cotton, on the other hand, will allow you to breathe, reduce sweating, and effectively help you get rid or reduce the growth of bacteria. More importantly, your vulva will breath better and be comfortable.

Your wiping technique should be top-notch

You’re grown, you’ve been wiping your body part for years after visiting the toilet. I’ll assume you’re a pro already at wiping. But why should you pay attention to how you wipe?

When you wipe the wrong way, you are damaging your health. Cystitis forms quickly as a result of bacteria living in the colon and finding their way to the urethra (the hole you pee through). These bacteria are not supposed to be staying in the urethra. Hence you start to experience Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

So, let me give you a hint on how to wipe effectively. Wiping should be from top to bottom, not from bottom to top. This is more hygienic, and it’s the way a pro does their wiping. (Research Says)

Wash with water and not soap for Ph Balance

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a condition that results from using super-absorbent tampons. This condition can also be given birth to when you alter the pH balance of your vagina when it is not balanced or steady. The vagina is a delicate area of the body; you wouldn’t want to mess with this area.

To keep the area fresh, you will need to avoid using soap in this area totally. Unless you are sure about the sort of soap you are using, and the pH content, it may disrupt the vagina pH and wash away the healthy lactobacilli bacteria present there.

Lactobacilli on its own help in combating invaders like staph aureus that are trying to find their way into the vagina, something you should avoid. So, what should you use instead? WATER. Water has a neutral pH level, and it will keep lactobacilli happy, this will help keep your vagina happy.

Don’t try Douching for any reason

There were years when douching was assumed to be perfect for women, that is no longer the story. Douching can result in several health problems and vagina infections. In fact, Douching increases your chances of vagina infection from 1.2 to 5.1. Worse than infections, douching increase your risk of cervical cancer.

Douching is a process that involves washing, soaking or cleaning out the vagina with either water or other mixtures of fluid. Don’t let me tell you how to get douches as it is not an option to consider.

Many often use vagina douching for cleaning menstrual blood. At this period, you’ll want to stay clean and fresh. But instead of douching, you should run water over your vulva, or your external genitalia, change your tampons regularly and use breathable panties.

Be careful when shaving your lady part

One thing on the rage these days is shaving, sad enough, your lady part will also feel rage when you shave the wrong way. Your labia are effectively protected from abrasions with the pubic hair that is there. Rather than shaving, can you switch to trimming?

Women’s Hygiene

The sensation is also doubled if not tripled when you shave as a woman. If you still want to shave it all, can you do this?

  • Shave in the shower
  • Wait till almost the end when all pores are open
  • Make use of clean razor (never share razor)
  • Use shaving cream or lubricating gel to reduce friction
  • Don’t rush, go slowly Women’to avoid cutting.

When you cut yourself while shaving your lady area, you create an opening for bacteria.

Know your vagina scent

Crazy idea I hear you say, but when you know your normal vagina scent, it will be easier for you to know when something goes wrong. Upon identifying that something wrong is happening, you will be able to take active steps in correcting the flaws.

When you sense foul smell, when you see strange discharges, or when you are uncomfortable, then visiting a professional should be the next line of action.

When you have strong vagina odour or abnormal discharges, they are signs that something is wrong with your lady part, that infection is growing, and that you need to address them quickly. Remember, it starts with knowing your vagina scent.

Be careful when selecting lubricants

Many women experience vagina dryness, several things might give birth to this, especially when there is a decrease in estrogen. Menopause is another reason why this might happen. For some, stress, depression, chemotherapy, etc. can lead to this condition.

This might reduce sexual drive. So, the best option is to make use of lubricants. This makes you feel comfortable and help you become comfortable while having sex. Find lubricants that are pH friendly, as they will keep your lady parts happy.

Practice safe sex

If you are in a relationship, you and your husband are free to practice sex. You may not need to make use of contraceptives. Whatever you use is an agreement between you and your partner.

Women’s Hygiene
Safe Sex

But if you are going out of this circle. Remember that 1-in-2 adults’ contact Sexually transmitted disease by their mid-twenties. To prevent such an occurrence, abstinence is the key. If you can’t, ensure you practice safe sex.


As a woman, your health is something that must be given strict consideration. Women’s hygiene is a must consider for you. Try to digest the information discussed in this article. Read and apply them to help you stay healthy. Only then can you live the way women are supposed to.

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