Cocoa powder

Cocoa Powder: Health Benefits You Need To Know

Cocoa powder, so indispensable in the chocolate production industry. The birth of cocoa powder comes from the crushing of the popular cocoa beans, and getting rid of the fat or cocoa butter. It will be hard to find a person that has not tasted from one of the results of cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder
Crushed and whole cocoa

Many, although take cocoa products just for the fun of it. Maybe they have developed an unbreakable bond with this product, and they can’t stop themselves from enjoying the taste of this product. If you fall into that category, this post is designed for you, if you’re seeking reasons to take cocoa powder products, read along with me as I expose you to some of the top health benefits of cocoa powder.

Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

Focus on the health benefits of cocoa powder that will help you form a more lasting, and close bond with this product;

Cocoa powder is rich in Polyphenols

In this product, you will benefit from the polyphenol, which is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is often found in fruits, tea, chocolate, wine, and vegetables. What purpose does it serve? I hear you say.

Some of its benefits includes a reduction in inflammation, improved blood flow, lowering blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels, and improving cholesterol.

Do you know cocoa is the richest source of Polyphenols?

Cocoa also contains flavonoids that have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. Sadly, heating and the addition of other contents might reduce the quantity of Polyphenols and flavanoids you’ll get in your cocoa products.

Cocoa powder
Cocoa in powder form

Lower on High Blood Pressure

This is another fantastic thing about cocoa powder. In any form, cocoa can help reduce or lower high blood pressure. The flavonoids present in cocoa are believed to help improve the nitric oxide level in the blood.

Cocoa helps improve the overall function of your blood vessels and helps reduce blood pressure. So, if you are battling with high blood pressure, a healthy amount of cocoa product will improve your condition.

Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Some of the properties of cocoa can also help in reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack. Flavanoids help in improving the level of nitric oxide in the blood, this helps in relaxing and dilation of your arteries, and blood vessels. This helps improve the rate of blood flow in the body.

Cocoa  powder also has a blood-thinning property and helps in reducing bad LDL cholesterol. It also helps improve blood sugar levels and has an effect similar to that of aspirin. This altogether helps in lowering your risk of heart failure and stroke.

Brain Functions Better

Taking the cocoa powder and other products also help improve brain health. The polyphenol present in cocoa is studied and found to help in combating neurodegenerative disease. This they do by enhancing both blood flow and brain functions.

For those without mental impairments, taking cocoa has been confirmed to help improve their mental performance. It also helps deal with health conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It enhances blood flow to the brain, making the supply sufficient enough for your mental stability.

Cocoa powder Improve Symptoms of Diabetes

Amazingly, cocoa also helps in improving your symptoms of type-2 diabetes. A recent test-tube study shows that flavanoids present in cocoa help in slowing down the rate of digestion of carbohydrates, and its absorption in the gut. It also helps improve insulin secretion and reduces inflammation. This helps in stimulating the uptake of sugar out of the blood in the muscles.

Cocoa powder helps in reducing inflammation in diabetic and non-diabetic people.

Help with Weight Loss Goal

When you are battling with weight reduction issues, cocoa is one tool in your toolbox that can richly help. Cocoa helps regulate the use of energy; this will reduce your appetite and inflammation, and increases oxidation of fat and feelings of fullness. So, if you want to reduce your weight quickly, cocoa powder can help you reach your goal.

Cocoa powder Improve Skin and Teeth Health

Cocoa can help protect you from dental issues and gum disease. Numerous compounds are present in cocoa that help in fighting bacteria; those compounds are also anti-enzymatic and help in stimulating the immune system. This leads to improved oral health.

The polyphenol present in cocoa is another incredible compound that helps deal with skin disease. When you often take cocoa, it protects you from the sun, improves blood circulation for the skin, and improves the surface texture of your skin and hydration of the skin.

Here is a rough sketch of what cocoa powder does;

  • Flavonoids are perfect antioxidants which are found in cocoa that helps to fight against aging and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • The microelements that are present in cocoa increases its efficiency in stimulating intellectual activity and improving memory.
  • Cocoa products are also capable of helping humans manage depression, stimulating the production of the pleasure hormones – endorphins.
  • Cocoa is an excellent source of epicatechin which protects against heart and cardiovascular diseases, most especially Hypertension.
  • It does not cause weight gain, thereby preventing the tendency of one becoming obese.
  • Apart from the fact that flavonoids fights against aging, it also has a positive effect on glucose metabolism, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.


Having explored these benefits of Cocoa powder, you must be beaming with joy to start taking cocoa. One last thing about the cocoa powder that we should talk about is how easy it is to include it in your diet. But remember, too much of everything is a systematic suicide. So, take a reasonable volume of cocoa powder daily and see how well this will improve your health condition.

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