Quiet Your Brain

6 Ways to Quiet your Brain and Live Longer

You need to quiet your brain, the rate at which people worry these days is alarming. The number of overthinker in the world is also increasing. Many often think, for them to stay mentally sharp with their growing age, their brain needs to be firing all day long.

But is that really true? Do you become sharper mentally by thinking all day long? Here are some facts to note;

Quiet Your Brain
Quiet Your Brain

The quiet brain is scientifically linked with longevity

A quiet or less active brain makes use of less body energy

Good enough, there are numerous ways to quiet your brain; these are the crucial points we will be focusing on in this article.

What Experts are Saying

In a recent study from researchers at Harvard Medical School published in the medical journal Nature, it was claimed that a quiet and calm brain that engages in less activity could lead to a longer life.

This study made use of donated brain tissues from people who died at age 60 to 100. It was noticed that the longest-lived people had a lower level of related neural activity. The protein REST, which is an active suppressant for neural activity, was found to influence neural activity and mortality.

This study suggests that when you slow down each day to rest and meditate or engage in other quiet activities, your brain stands to benefit significantly, and you extend your lifespan.

Quiet Your Brain

The brain is always energy-hungry, and consume as much as 1/3 of your body total energy.

Ways to Calm or Quiet Your Brain

Here are some significant ways to quiet your brain and improve your life;

Tune Your Body

The journey of quieting your mind is achievable if you are mindful of your body and control its activities. This will reduce stress and improve your mindfulness and reduce stress. You should try some stretching out.

Quiet Your Brain
Quiet Your Brain

Meditation is another way to tune your body. It works hand in hand with mindfulness, as it provides you with a unique meter for measuring your mental state. Meditation will help you see your mind more clearly.

Try and spend 5 to 10 minutes each day meditating on your activities and life

Listen More

While in the middle of a spirited discussion, it is only normal to pay little attention to what others are saying and seek ways to give your voice out in speaking. Just like the classroom setting.

So, while it’s good to air your opinion, you calm your brain when you speak less. Pay attention and let your brain pick important points that might be beneficial (if there are any).

Develop a Chart

Here is a simple exercise that can help you know how you spend your day and if you quiet your brain enough each day. Draw a pie chart of how you want to spend your day, draw another one of how you actually spend the day. Compare the two results. If you don’t have free time in the later as scheduled in the former, then your brain is not resting enough.

Leave little time each day for quieting your brain. It can be a short nap or other methods discussed here. Be conscious though, when doing this, let your body know that you’re presently taking time out for yourself.

Identify Burnout

Yes! It is good for you if you can identify burnout, and deal with it. When you can identify the signs, dealing with it will be achievable. Burnout may include emotional exhaustion, lack of sense of personal achievements, not being excited, getting irritated easily, job-related, etc.

Burnout makes stuff that is really not an issue a serious one. If you don’t deal with them early on, it becomes more complicated and limits your progress.

Think About Important Things

Take time out to think about things many do not count as important. Like the food you eat. There are numerous rules when it comes to eating, things to watch out for, amongst others.

The food you eat affects your goal, which is to quiet your brain. So, watch what you eat, and think about the health benefits before eating. Trust me; your brain deserves delicious meals, so give that to your brain while ensuring it is healthy.

Make Use of Mentors

Learning from the best is important. You should read more on mindfulness and meditations; this will help improve these habits in you. Find experts who have steered their life well and learn from such ones. This will help you quiet your brain the more.

You often stumble and find it hard to get back up, but getting a mentor will help you out of all your troubles, at least some.

These six ways will help you quiet your brain the more and live longer.


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