Staying healthy During harmattan

Staying healthy During January Harmattan

The harmattan has been around for a few days, and its January already, you can expect the intensity to increase. It would be best if you didn’t start the year on a bad note, staying fit and healthy should be the paramount thing in your mind.

This period is marked with dryness and can be very windy. Cough, cold, catarrh, are some of the widespread sicknesses that people battle with at this time. They have both long-term and short-term effect on the overall health condition of an individual.

Hence, we will be discussing briefly some of the essential things you can do at this time of the harmattan that will help you stay healthy.

Tips for staying healthy in harmattan

Take a lot of water during harmattan

At this time, you should plan to increase the volume of water you take. Try as much as possible to drink a lot of water every day. During harmattan, dehydration is a common problem, but with enough water, you can stay fit and healthy. Try and get a water bottle and fill with water when going out.

Wash your face

Due to the dryness, and the dusty condition during harmattan, many are left with dust on their faces, and this leads to redness of the eye. You should get a face towel, or look for water to wash the face regularly.

Protect your face and nose

While washing your face regularly is excellent, covering it is another important thing to do. Look for nose masks, or towel and tie them around your nose while outdoors. This will prevent you from inhaling dust that can result in severe medical conditions.

Reduce outdoor activities

While it’s a season for outdoor fun, you can improve your health by spending more time indoors. Only go outside when you need to, avoid visiting crowded area as the air can be choking and dusty at this time.

Be careful when selecting clothing

You want to look beautiful, but you should look a little bit beyond that at this time. Try and put on clothes that can cover your body well. You should ensure that your chest, arms, and hands are well covered. This will help you stay warm and reduce cold.

Close your window and door

There are two reasons why you should keep your window and door closed at this period. This will help prevent the entry of both dust and cold into your home. That makes it comfortable for you.

Never forget the extras during harmattan

There are some extras you should have with you at all times. You need a lip balm to ensure your lips doesn’t crack exceptionally. You should also move around with your face towel, handkerchief, and hand sanitizer to keep your body moisturized.


These are just a few of the things you can do at this time to stay healthy. While you yearn to have fun, stay safe.


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