COVID-19: Stay At Home and Important Facts to Note

The world is Ill. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is gradually changing our world, and getting rid of our loved ones and friends.

Unfortunately, many more are getting exposed to the virus every day. The sad truth is many are not even taking the warnings seriously at this time. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is no longer breaking news anywhere. Both the young and old can write a full essay on coronavirus.

Yet, it seems many still think of this condition as a joke, no wonder the number keeps going up every day. Just a few weeks ago, several countries had zero records, but as of present, they are now recording deaths.

In this article, we are not talking about treatment procedures or alternatives; our focus is to help you see reasons to isolate yourself.

Whatever you’ve read online may not be accurate, but everyone’s goal is to help you see reasons to stay at home at this time.

Several instructions have been passed on how to protect yourself, like one in the image below. But it takes more than these steps to stay healthy and protect yourself.

There are more victims of Covid-19 than we know

The record says 30, 100, 1000, 2000, or more, but trust me, they are all assumptions.There are many that have not reported their symptoms; many are still healthy, although they are carrying the virus already. Many are exposed already, but they still look healthy.

If you’re doubting, consider the following questions. Why do we keep having new cases every day? Why is the number of deaths increasing daily? Why hasn’t Covid-19 ended?The truth is millions are already exposed, and unless you take care, you’re at risk of suffering the same fate.

Records will never be accurate, not even close. But you can show reasonableness by staying home and not exposing yourself.

90% protection is guaranteed if you’re indoor

Prevention is better than cure. You must have heard this statement either in this form or in other similar forms over the years. While many have argued about how valid this statement is, the truth is for the Covid-19, it’s better you are not infected at all. This is one reason why you should stay at home at all costs.

Whatever you need to do outdoors can wait, unless it can ruin you totally if you don’t go out. Covid-19 ranks among the top infectious viruses ever known to man. A little exposure to this virus can wreck a lot of havoc.

At least when you are home, your chances of meeting someone who is a career is reduced if not totally eliminated. The truth is, most carriers don’t know until it is too late. As such, that healthy person you are meeting might just be the next victim.

Reduce or restrict visitors from coming to your home

The truth is, now is not the time to accommodate visitors into your home. The sad fact is, everyone is a suspect. The only person you can trust is one that has been tested and approved to be negative. Family time and visiting can be fun, but you can ensure this is not the last one you will be having.

Let everyone who wants to visit know how crucial social isolation is at the moment. Help them see that you are not sure if you are living with coronavirus or if they are living with it.

Give them good reasons to stay in their house and not come to yours. You can still hang out using the internet, but at this time, it must not be in person.

And in cases where it is unavoidable (unless its an emergency), ensure you are not totally exposed, and that you’ve taken preventive steps in ensuring that you and your family is protected.

Tell as many people as possible

The truth is, you may be indoor, but your neighbors, your housemates, or friends can still bring Covid-19 to your house. The pain of losing family members or friends will also be hard for you. This is one reason why you should try to inform and enlighten as much as possible on how to live at this time of the year.
Your staying indoors becomes useless if others around you are exposed to the virus. You know it wouldn’t ask if you were outside your home or not before it starts working.

No activity is worth your life

I know some will say there is no record of victims in my area. That’s true, but you shouldn’t be the first to be recorded. Even in areas with zero cases, a critical check will definitely bring a few positive issues.

As such, avoid every outdoor activity. Yes! You serve a big and mighty God, we all do. Those that are infected or have died are also serving the same God. What they fail to do is to let their God-given wisdom speak for them, while many did, their friends or neighbors did not.

You can do better by avoiding all religious activities as much as possible. Pools, gyms, wedding ceremonies, burial, birthdays, and other outdoor events must be avoided as much as possible at this time. These are places you can easily contract this virus.

Good hygiene is a must

More than anything you’ve done now is the best time to cultivate good hygiene.

  • Wash your hand with soap and running water Regularly
  • Make use of sanitizer if you have.
  • Clean all surfaces that are exposed in your house
  • Don’t pick your nose with your hands
  • Don’t clean your face with your bare hands, use a handkerchief, and dispose of immediately.
  • Bath as many times as possible every day.


There are several things to do at home at this time. Hang out with friends online, read books, watch movies, do research, listen to music, work, amongst others.

Don’t be unfortunate by aimlessly walking around and become a victim of coronavirus.

Remember, when you are infected, countless numbers of people will suffer the same fate too. Be wise by staying home, and help in fighting Covid-19.

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