Sanitize Phone (Covid-19)

Covid-19: Simple Guide on Sanitizing Your Phone

Since the declaration of coronavirus (Covid-19) as a pandemic, hygiene is one thing that has quickly improved all around the world. The sad truth is, the virus keeps on killing and affecting many more with each passing day. The rate of spread is alarming, and almost everyone is scared of what will happen if the cure is not found soon.

Many would have broken the Guinness Book of Record for the number of times they wash their hands in a single day. Yet, chances are still high that such ones will still become the next host for Covid-19.

I sincerely pray and hope my reads won’t be that next host, and that is why I am delivering this perfectly timed article.

Your smartphone, when not properly sanitized, might turn you to the next host of coronavirus even after doing every other thing right. Remember that the virus can survive on surfaces like that of your smartphone for hours. So, let’s explore effective steps you can take to sanitize your phone as this will prevent you from contracting the virus.

Sanitize Phone (Covid-19)

 Guide on Sanitizing Your Smartphone

Here are simple steps you can take to sanitize your phone effectively;

  • Make use of screen protector and cleaning wipes

One of the best ways to keep your smartphone clean is by putting a screen protector on the phone. Every screen protector comes with wipes that can be used to clean the phone. Regularly use these wipes to clean the phone before use.

Wipes for preventing Covid-19
Wipes for preventing Covid-19

If the one that comes with your phone is no longer usable, you can get other cleaning wipes and use it before you press the phone.

  • Make use of UV sanitizer

This is another option that can get rid of up to 99% of the virus that is present on your phone. This method makes use of ultraviolet light in sanitizing the phone. You can search for UV sanitizer on popular online or offline stores around your area. The price may vary depending on your location.

  • Make use of Antimicrobial cleaning clothes

Another way to get rid of viruses and microorganisms that may be present on your device is to make use of these cleaning cloths that can get rid of most bacteria and viruses present on your phone. Just dampen with water and wipe them on your phone before you start pressing. It is very affordable and available in most stores around the country.

  • Clean with a wet cloth

Sanitize Phone (Covid-19)If you can’t get the antimicrobial cloth, you can make a soap solution and dip a neat handkerchief inside. Use this handkerchief to wipe your phone before you start pressing the phone, or when you collect it from others.

  • Wash your hand

Even after sanitizing your phone, you still need to keep your hand clean to prevent the introduction of new bacteria or viruses. So, before you start pressing your phone, make sure you wash your hand. Before you pass your phone to others, ensure they wash their hands too.

You can’t be too careful at this time.


The truth is, the best way to keep your phone safe is to keep your phone in your hand. by that I mean, avoid passing your phone around as long as this virus is around. Always clean your phone and ensure you keep it in a safe place at all times. Please stay safe, and let’s win the war against Covid-19 together.

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