Covid-19 won't kill you

CoronaVirus: A Virus That Cannot Kill You

Coronavirus (Covid-19), although declared a pandemic by the world health organization (WHO), there is strong evidence that the virus is not as critical and serious as many feared. That may sound shocking, but that is the truth.

Coronavirus Covid-19

Yet, with every passing second, new cases are being recorded not just in 1 country, in several countries around the world, from Europe to Africa to Asia, and the other four brothers. Still, Coronavirus is not the virus that will kill everyone. Let’s check the statistics and see how valid the assumption is.

What Does the Record Book Say About Coronavirus?

The total population of the world at present stands at 7.7 billion and still counting. Of this population, only 536,969 cases have been found. Let’s play an assumption game now. Imagine twice that number is already infected that is huge, but compared to the overall population, there is hope.

Of the cases to have been found, only 24,117 resulted in death, while 124,414 cases have been recovered. That leaves us with a deficit of approximately 388,165. According to Worldometer, 95% of these cases are mild, while only 5 percent are in critical condition. It was estimated that in every 1million population, only 68.9 or 70 people are carrying the virus.

The numbers are quite high. I hear you say. Twenty-four thousand plus dying just under five months due to contracting Coronavirus. Yet, this is not the virus that will kill you and your F&F, although it is powerful enough to wipe a whole nation clean.

What To Do in The Face of Coronavirus pandemic

So why has this Coronavirus pandemic survived for so long? How can you play the safe game and protect yourself from Coronavirus, and prevent your family from suffering the same fate?

More cases are being recorded because many have turned a deaf ear to instructions on how to protect themselves. Some have not upped their hygiene game; many are still standing where the crowds are in their thousands. While a few more people think this condition is a joke. I don’t know where you stand, but Coronavirus is not something to joke with.

Stay indoor

This is not the first, second, tenth, or last time you will be reading this. Social distancing is a must at this time. Prevention they say is better than a cure. Unless you come in contact with a carrier, your chances of contracting the virus are very slim. As such, you much stay away from anyone that has travel history to any foreign country that has recorded cases of Covid-19 in the past one month.

Social Distancing for Covid-19
Social Distancing for Covid-19

Anyone that has gone close to such ones should also be avoided as much as possible. But how will you know the number of people o have come in contact with them? That’s hard to detect. As such, try to stay indoors as much as possible. Go out only when there is something urgent to attend to, and that means you cannot avoid such outing.

Wash your hands

Even after coming in contact with an infected person, you can still save yourself from becoming the next case. Hand washing is very important as it will prevent you from becoming the next case. How many times should I wash my hand I hear your say, Wash;

Hand Washing for Covid-19
Hand Washing for Covid-19
  • When you cough or sneeze
  • Wash after staying beside someone who coughed or sneezed
  • When you are caring for sick people
  • Before and after preparing food
  • Wash before you eat
  • Before visiting the toilet
  • After visiting the toilet
  • Wash after having a handshake
  • Whenever you feel your hands are dirty
  • Wash before sleeping you wake up
  • Wash at all times.

Please, wash your hand as much as possible every day, make use of running water and soap for washing, that is better and safer than using a scooper.

Pay attention to details

While it is part of most cultures to shake others when you see them, you must break the habit at this time. This is because the only person you know to be negative is you alone. Many are hosing the virus, and since they don’t carry a tag, you may not know.

When someone sneezes or coughs, try to distance yourself from such ones immediately. Five feet or more distance is the basic, but I’ll add this, leave the venue immediately if possible. You can’t be too careful at this time.

When you notice changes in your health condition after exposing yourself, don’t self-medicate at home. Visit a doctor immediately, and try to self-isolate yourself to prevent you from infecting others.

Do you know someone that is showing the symptoms of Covid-19? Advise such ones to visit the doctor and self-isolate quickly. If you travel within the past 14 days to a country with Covid-19, save yourself and others by isolating themselves, and visit the hospital as quickly as possible.

Many have died because they aren’t paying attention to warnings, instructions, and advice to have been trending all around over the past few weeks. Covid-19 cannot kill you if you try to protect yourself from contracting the virus. The number may keep increasing, but you may never become a victim.


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