Handwashing Vs Hand Sanitizer: Which is better for combating Coronavirus? 

Immediately Coronavirus (COVID-19) became a global pandemic; some things have quickly sold out in most stores; hand sanitizers are one of the few things that have recorded more sales in most countries. And you can’t blame those who are buying them; everyone wants to be as protected as much as possible to prevent them from getting infected.

When you also read about ways to prevent the virus, you’ll come across tips like washing your hands regularly, making use of sanitizers,… and several other options. But in truth, there has been a big debate which has also left many confused. Which is more beneficial, handwashing, or hand sanitizers? Many can go to any length to get hand sanitizers, and I’ll say that’s commendable, we all need to have one at this time.

But should you be scared if you don’t have one in your home? Are there better options than using hand sanitizers? Let’s pay attention to the simple details we are about to discuss here.

Handwashing Vs Hand Sanitizer 

While this is not supposed to be a debate, the increase in demand for both products has resulted in people finding which is better of the two options. But before buying either a homemade hand sanitizer or a factory-made sanitizer, you should at least know how much good it brings to you.

The truth is, both handwashing with soap and water and using sanitizers are effective, but the truth is, nothing beats washing the hands with soap and water.

This does not mean using hand sanitizers is less effective, no. If you can get one, it is best to do just so.

Why is Handwashing more Beneficial? 

You can’t just make such a huge claim without adding a bit of explanation. The truth is, carefully washing your hands can really get rid of germs and viruses quickly. One good thing is, it takes them off your hand immediately you wash them away.

Hand sanitizers, on the other hand, work by killing the germ and virus. But the truth is, sanitizers cannot always kill all viruses. There are some viruses that need more than sanitizers to get them off your hands.

Additionally, your hand sanitizers will need to have a high concentration of alcohol for it to be effective. You should go for sanitizers that contain 60% alcohol or more if you want to really enjoy the benefits of using hand sanitizers. Anything less than that will really not do you any good at all.

But with soap and running water, washing your hands for a few seconds will result in getting rid of the virus present in your hand quickly and more efficiently.

When is Hand Sanitizers More Appropriate? 

You can’t always have running water and soap with you at all times. Immediately you step out of your home; coming across soap and water won’t be as convenient as expected.

At such times, your hand sanitizer will keep you going. You should apply it immediately when you touch any exposed surface, shake others, or feel like you’re exposed. There is no required dosage, use as often as possible, and ensure it touches all parts of your hands, both front, and back.

There is really no special soap for handwashing. Just any soap will do, but you must ensure you’re making use of running water, and you should spend at least 30 seconds to 1 minute when washing your hands. Just don’t rush the process and make sure the water is clean.


The truth is both hand washing and hand sanitizers will help protect you, you need to do more to protect yourself by:

  • Avoiding touching exposed surfaces
  • Making use of hand gloves
  • Avoid handshakes

Wash your hands as often as possible, and when this is not possible, make use of hand sanitizers with a high concentration of alcohol. That should be enough to protect you from being infected with Covid-19 that more than two million people around the world are battling with.

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