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Motion Sickness: Effective Remedies When Traveling

Motion sickness is one of the most prevalent illnesses many experiences when they travel via car, boat, plane, or train. Motion sickness makes one feel woozy, and as a result, the body’s sensory organs send mixed and unclear messages to the brain. 

This results in dizziness, light-headedness, or nausea. Motion sickness affects people of all ages, irrespective of social status. While many discover this sickness when young, others develop this condition later in life. 

This article will provide details on how you can effectively deal with motion sickness providing numerous remedies that have been used by others battling with this condition.

Cause of motion sickness

Motion sickness is giving birth to due to repeated movement you are subjected to when you travel, and your car goes over bumps, or when you move upward or downward in a boat or other means of transport. 

When this happens, the inner ear sends different signals to your brains. These signals are picked from what your eye sees. These confusing messages result in you feeling unwell and having episodes of nausea. 

Remedies for motion sickness 

There are numerous ways to deal with motion sickness. The good news is that most of the remedies do not require the use of medications. Here are some of the available options: 

Be in control

One of the easiest ways to address motion sickness is switching from being the passenger to the driver. Research shows that motion sickness is giving birth to if the movement of the eye does not correspond to the movement of your inner ear senses.

You can connect these senses better when you take charge and drive yourself. While this option is only for those who own the car, there are still other options if you can’t do this, especially when in public transport. 

Face the direction you’re moving 

When grabbing the wheel yourself is not feasible, then the other option is to face the direction you are going. The goal of this process is to help reconnect your disconnected visual and inner ear senses. This can be more effective when you sit in the front seats of the boat, car, etc.

The record shows that symptoms reduce drastically when you sit in front of the car while traveling. So when traveling, consider speaking with the car owner about the possibility of sitting in the front. 

Focus on the horizon

Can you notice any stationary object ahead of you? You can focus your attention on the object and keep repeating that while traveling. This seeks to help stabilize your visual stimulus. To have a clearer view, sitting in the front is the best option. Don’t focus on moving cars or any other moving object when traveling. 

Switch positions 

You must have noticed a trend in the occurrence of your motion sickness. For many, they feel better when lying down. For others standing up is the best position for them. Whichever you prefer, it should at first reflect on the mode of transport you are picking. If you’re not sure which works for you, you can experiment sitting, standing, and lying down to identify which one your system supports. Making use of the headrest when traveling in a car is another way to reduce your head’s movement and help with your balancing. 

You need air

Say you’re traveling via car, it’s best to sit close to the window where you can get enough air. If you’re in a train, ship, or boat, you can open the window, or if the design allows, you can go outdoors for air. Another alternative is to turn the air vent of the car in your direction if the weather or design of your transport mode does not support going outside. Some can worsen their symptoms when the mode of transport makes use of air conditioners. Such one can consider using a hand fan in blowing themselves. Try and get rid of smoke as they can also worsen your motion sickness. 

Take snacks

Okay, food worsens your symptoms, I hear you say. But light snacks will do more in getting rid of your motion sickness. Snacks like saltine crackers are known for helping deal with nausea.

You should avoid foods or snacks that are heavy, acidic, or greasy; they can worsen your symptoms greatly since their digestion rate is slower. You can also take snacks like cereals, grains, bread, and fruits like apples, bananas, etc. Fast foods that digest quickly is another excellent option you can explore. 

Drink water or take carbonated beverages 

Another excellent way to reduce your symptoms of motion sickness is through drinking cold water or by taking carbonated drinks. Depending on the available ones in your area, coke, ginger ale, seltzer, sprite, etc. can help you overcome nausea.

On the other hand, caffeinated beverages and sodas like coffee can worsen your condition as they can worsen your nausea easily through dehydration. Fruit juice, milk, are among other excellent options you can use. 

You can make use of simple distractions

Are you traveling with friends or family members? Starting a conversation that will require you to speak is one way to keep nausea away. You can also listen to songs or watch movies. These will help distract your attention from the journey, according to researchers, listening to music is one healthy way to get rid of nausea and other physiological symptoms accompanying motion sickness. 

Focus less on screens

While reading and watching movies can work for many, many will have their condition triggered when they focus more on their device screen. Paying close attention to the screen might lead to the disconnection between the inner ear and eyes. As such, audiobooks, music, or taking a short nap is a better alternative. 

Effective natural remedies for motion sickness 

Numerous natural treatments can be used when dealing with motion sickness. Here are some of them. 

Pressure point 

Acupressure point, which is located along the wrist, referred to as Nei-Kuan (P6), is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of nausea, motion sickness, stomach upset, etc. To do this:motion sickness

  • Locate the point by placing your index, middle, and ring finger on the inside of your left wrist. 
  • Locate the medial aspect of the hand, ensure your finger arrangements start from the crease, at the point your wrist starts. 
  • Locate the point under your depression, the one your index finger falls on. 
  • Apply pressure between the two tendons, by massaging and stimulating them for 4 to 5 seconds at spaced intervals. 


Scents can also help when dealing with motion sickness. Excellent options include pure ginger, lavender essential oils, etc. Are effective options that will help deal with motion sickness. Peppermint essential oil is another tested option for dealing with nausea. Before using, diffusing them will help reduce your risk of interaction. Get a small diffuser for your trip and put little of this oil inside. Use at intervals during the trip. The recommended time for diffusing is one hour. Sniffing the oil or making use of an essential oil necklace can help lower the risk of nausea, and help you be more comfortable. 

Chamomile tea

This is another excellent herb that can help relax stomach muscles, reduce acids, and help stabilize your stomach. You can drink the tea and take it along with you when traveling.


You can take it when hot or cold, depending on what you want. You can get from here or here, or other stores. 

Licorice root lozenges 

Those battling with stomach pain have seen improvement in their condition when they make use of Licorice root. It helps with nausea, vomiting, ulcer pain, stomach acid irritations, etc. licorice

It’s an herbal supplement that tastes good. You can get licorice root and chamomile tea from popular retail stores or in food stores around you. Licorice powder available here or here


Some medications can be used for dealing with motion sickness. Sadly, we won’t be providing them in this article as we are not allowed to prescribe medications. But you can speak with an expert doctor to know which one will work for you, and the right dosage that is best for you. 

Herbs gingers and peppermint supplements are known to help with motion sickness. Your Doctor will help you identify the right dosage to use. 

Acupressure bands

You can also make use of Acupressure bands, which will make stimulating your nei-kuan point continuously easier and more effective. You can also get them from stores both online and offline. 

Biofeedback therapy 

This therapy makes use of your thoughts. Your thoughts are used in controlling how you respond to stimuli like motion. It connects sensors to different parts of your body, and it takes several measurements. 


The above remedies will greatly help you when next you’re traveling, especially if motion sickness is what you’ve battled with for so long. If they seem not to be improving your condition, it’s best to speak with your Doctor on other available treatment options. Use the comment session to tell us about your experience and other things that have worked for you. 


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