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Video Games: Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Video games come in different designs; you’ll always find one that works for you. COD, FIFA, PES, GTA, NBA, Mortal Kombat, etc. are some of the available options for kids and adults. The list is endless, so you’ll always find one that fits your playing style.

Do you love gaming? Irrespective of age or gender, humans from all walks of life often at one point or the other entertain themselves with games. You are definitely not an exception. Amazingly, there are millions or more options you have when it comes to video games. But many do not feel playing video games comes with benefits beyond satisfying one curiosity, winning over one’s opponent, or completing tough and hard missions.

Video games can be played on mobile devices, gaming devices, television, computer, etc. In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of playing video games. We will also talk about the pitfalls to watch out for because it’s very easy to cross the boundary. Our goal is not to turn you to a gamer. It’s to help you see the benefits that come with playing games.

Benefits of playing video games

You probably engage in physical exercise from time to time; video games have also been categorized as one of the best mental exercises that helps improve the effectiveness of your brain performance. Detailed are the benefits of video gaming, so, pay close attention to the benefits of playing games highlighted in the following paragraphs:

Video games improve coordination

When you play video games, you are not just staring at the screen of your device aimlessly, neither are you doing that inactively. Your brain is stimulated effectively with every passing second when playing video games.

Gaming requires a balance in audio, visual, and your movement. If this balance is not reached, it will be very hard for you to play. As such, you can reach this balance that carries benefits that span across one’s life through video games.

Video games enhance your problem-solving skills

Every video game comes with guiding rules that make playing easier. Without following the rules of games, you will hardly make any improvement while playing. You must think, predict the movement of your opponent, and ensure you play according to the rules of the game.

The split-seconds decision you make while playing games becomes useful when it comes to making a decision that will help you in life. Your problem-solving skill is significantly improved when you play video games.

Games enhance memory

Without reaching a visual and audial balance, it will be hard for you to play, or enjoy playing games. At the start of the game, you are required to read or listen to some principles, instructions, and directions that will help you play better.

You also need to master the keys on your keyboard or on the gamepad. All these tasks require committing numerous pieces of information to memory. Whether long term or short term, you can use video games to boost your memory and discover how well you can retain information. A person who can conveniently maneuver and complete his mission in a game using all the keys and shortcuts required will do better when it comes to information retention or short-term cramming (as some of us will prefer to use).

Video games improve your concentration

When you play some specific video games, your attention can easily be captured for as long as you play. Why? This is because reaching your objectives, progressing, and completing each task depends on a series of activities that a misstep will result in failure. If you can pay the needed attention at those points, your concentration over time will become cheaper than you thought. Video games can also help you get rid of depression and focus on important things in life.

Learning becomes easier with games

Is it surprising that many teaching and educational instructions now feature games as one effective teaching tool? Both for adults and children, there are numerous educational benefits attached to playing video games. Depending on the type you are selecting, you can always get some that will improve your learning abilities. Some will also introduce you to aspects of life that are essential and important. One good way to enhance your cognitive and creative skills is through video games.

Multitasking becomes easier with video games

Many often devote a lot of time to improving their multitasking skills. Well, one secret to becoming good at multitasking is through the use of video games. The instruction might require you to be observant and engaging in some tasks at the same time. Some video games come with scattered information on your screen; your goals are to pay attention to all this information to complete your tasks.

Energy bar, movement instructions, enemies signal, number of ammunition remaining, number of moves left, time, etc. are some of the things you should pay attention to if you will win over your opponent. Some might even require you to press several keys over a very short period, and they just have to be the right one. Maybe after a few trials, you’ll get them right, multitasking is the little secret.

Before you go

For youth, it’s easier to pay attention to the fun, and these benefits that we fail to realize that they also come with few and serious side effects. Addiction is one of the greatest pitfalls to watch out for; they can be so interesting that you’ll stay glued to them longer than expected.

When you play too much, it can also affect how quickly you’ll react to live events; in fact, some will oversimplify lives’ activities that living will seem too unreal. Playing violent games for a long period can have an emotional effect on the player, this is one pitfall to watch out for.

And while you play repeatedly, there are chances that your other activities will greatly suffer. Too much of everything is a systematic suicide they say, so its best to play in moderation, and consider how the content it features will benefit you.


Trust me; these are just some of the benefits of playing video games. Its effect on the brain, social effectiveness and skills, and in other aspects of life are limitless. If you are one that often advises your friends not to play video games, it’s time you change your orientation and get the benefits of playing video games reasonably. Children should not be exposed to violent games, and they should be controlled as they can easily become addicted to interesting ones. If you play video games the right way, you stand to enjoy its huge and massive benefits.


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