Rape is Evil, Rape is Bad: We Say No To Rape!

It’s sad to say that Rape has become a common problem in our society. The urge of senseless humans in satisfying their Sexual hunger has led to ruining the lives of many both young and old.

Sexual intercourse is, of course, a blessing for married couples, the distorted views of humans have led to seeking what they ought not to explore. Rape has become a common thing in our environment, and for whatever reason, you may think of, it is bad. 

The Truth We Deserve to Know

Sex should be with consent when it is without consent, that is Rape.

While many now find words to lower how grievous Rape is, the simple truth is, Rape should not have a positive explanation. Rape

One sad truth is, there are only eight countries in Europe that clearly define Rape as sex without consent.  This is not surprising as we have heard of rape cases among the rich, educated, artists, and even the common men. 

The goal of this article is to educate all about Rape and why we shouldn’t build a positive explanation for this evil act. 

Facts to Know About Rape

Knowing much about Rape will help in fighting this evil out of our community, everyone is actually involved in this fight. Here are some things to note:

Rape is often committed by people who know the victim

It is natural to think that Rape is only committed by strangers, but this is far from the truth. Most cases of rapes are committed by people close or who knows the victim. They are sometimes colleagues, friends, partners, ex-partners, parents, neighbors, bosses, etc. 

There is a wrong idea that sexual assault committed by someone known to the victim is not Rape, but this is a totally wrong statement. One recent survey shows that many feel that force sex between intimate partners should not be illegal, but the truth is, sex should be based on agreement from the two parties. 

It is then important to be careful when around friends, Rape can come from anywhere. Ensure you are not alone in the house, room, office, etc. When possible with those that have shown interest in you sexually. While we keep hoping healthier measures will be provided, protect yourself. 

Most victims of Rape do not resist physically. 

Another surprising fact is that most victims of Rape do not resist, but this should NEVER be translated to giving their consent. That a woman or man who was raped has no physical injury, does not say No, or shows a lot of resistance does not equate to giving consent. 

As long as she does not say yes to sexual advances from the other person, it is Rape. It is very possible that a rape victim will be shocked physiologically and won’t be able to fight back due to the shock; one cannot base the judgments of Rape on fighting back. 

One who plans to rape will probably be stronger than the victim, and will definitely come prepared for the evil act. Restricting and fighting might result in the death of the person being raped. 

One clinical study carried out in Sweden shows that 70% of rape cases reported experienced involuntary paralysis. How do you say No or fight back with partial paralysis? 

Once again, ensure you trust no one, no even close friends and associates. And when you don’t have a YES, it Is Rape. 

What a person wears is never to blame Rape

The truth is many humans have gone beyond common sense when it comes to clothes, they opt for clothes that expose all their body parts. Still, that is not a justification for Rape. 

Some say wearing bad clothes is someone advertising themselves, come to think of it, do you buy everything they advertise? Can you afford everything they advertise even if you need it? 

That a person is walking naked does not mean they want you to have sexual intercourse with them. The statement that “What woman wear can provoke a man to Rape them” is wrong and should not be accepted anywhere. 

If we justify this, what will we say about the old parents who are being raped while they dress like every normal human or the young ones who wear the right clothing and do not expose any body parts? 

Clothing is never an invitation to sexual intercourse. If you don’t like what a woman is wearing, change your focus or leave the scene. What she wears is not relevant; you should not force sex on her for her choice of clothing. 

Rape can never be the fault of the victim; everyone must learn to tame their illegal sexual urge. As long as she or he did not say yes to sexual advances, proceeding to sleep with them is Rape. 

For women, until society comes to this realization, it’s better to consider where we are going to when picking clothes. There are more sex hungry animals out there, keep protecting yourself till we fight them out. 

There is no justifiable excuse for Rape. 

Were you drunk? Under the effect of drugs? Emotionally unstable? Whatever you may say, you have no justifiable reason to rape anyone. Having sex with others must be based on agreement, not on your personal emotion. 

That the other person is drunk, under the influence of alcohol, or unable to control their emotion does not give you the right to sleep with them; it is Rape. 

Summing it up

Irrespective of the English word elite and rape apologists might want to use, the fact remains, RAPE IS RAPE. SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS RAPE. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR RAPE. 

Tame your sexual hunger and stop raping men and women. Everyone holds the right to accept or reject your offer. 

Say No To Rape. 

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