Sexual Assault: How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault

Sexual assault, like rape and molestation, is becoming more prevalent in our environment. One would expect such actions to be repaid with stringent punishment or, at least, provide protection for the recipients.

Yet, each day comes with new reports, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. It’s sad to say that many have lost their lives due to sexual assault; some are battling with depression, grief, and other psychological problems that come with sexual assault.

If you have been assaulted sexually or you know someone who has. Please be sure that you are not to blame. Only the animals who took advantage of you deserve whatever you are, or have gone through.

While there seems to be no solution in sight, protest, online campaigns, etc., has not really yielded any result, everyone must learn to protect themselves at this point. Something will work until the system is restored to normalcy.

Tips to Protect you from Sexual Assault 

I will be walking you through some essential tips to protect you from sex-hungry animals who are ready to take advantage of just anyone that comes around.


While they all don’t guarantee 100% safety, they are worth knowing, as they will significantly be of help. So let’s dive right into the tips.

Trust your instinct

Do you have a feeling that you should not be alone with a person? Even if others call it Trust Issues, you should protect yourself. Most cases come from those that know the victim.

If you start to notice changes in the way the person reacts, before you leave yourself to chance, take your leave and continue the conversation sometimes later. Make a little excuse to avoid the situation. That’s better than saying, I had a feeling he would later on.

Be prepared

Never go out on an outing with someone of the opposite sex without charging your phone. Ensure you carry extra cash even if the person promises to give you a ride.

If possible, always have other standby means of transportation like Uber, Taxify, etc. in case you need to leave earlier than planned.

Be reserved with sharing information. 

As stated earlier, most attackers know their victims well. Rather than sharing information about where you are and how you move, it’s better to keep those details to yourself.

Some will trace them to carry out their evil acts. Share less sensitive information, that will protect you.

Are you planning to attend a party? You should go with close friends that will keep an eye on you and vice versa. Stick together as much as possible that will reduce the chances of attackers laying hands on you.

While it will be impossible for many not to drink at parties, it is best to limit how much you take. Alcohol dulls the senses and makes it hard for you to resist an attacker. So drink responsibly at parties. Many stories of sexual assault at parties come with stains of alcohol. You must have read or noticed in movies too.

Never leave your drink open while you attend to others. Someone might drop something inside. It’s best if you go to parties in groups, and have one who will not drink. As such, the person will watch over the others. Even among college students, sexual assault is recorded. Don’t be fooled by age; anyone can nurture wrong desires.

Never walk a silent route alone.

As much as possible, walk in groups. If you walk alone, you can easily be overpowered. Women are the most popular victims of sexual assault, so it is best to stay indoors when it gets dark or move in a group when needed.

We all love plugging our earphones in when waking alone.  Even if things were to be coming behind us, raising an alarm will be the last thing we’ll do. For one, you shouldn’t walk such terrain alone, but if you had no option, walk fast without using an earpiece.

Be smart when on a date.

Until you’re married, you still need to be careful with your spouse, especially if you are getting to know each other. One of the safest ways to stay protected is by going with a chaperone. As such, your decisions won’t be made alone.

Before you leave your home for a date, ensure you inform your friends about your destination, and who you are leaving with. Before agreeing to any date, it’s best to set a standard that the other person will agree to, and don’t compromise.

Sexual consent can be withdrawn when you are overly excited. Ensure you state clearly that under no condition will that happen. As such, no one will take advantage of your mood. If the date is making you feel uncomfortable, ensure you take your leave instantly.

Be Smart in Preparing 

While it’s good to take all these necessary steps, you should add a touch of professionalism. You may start by taking classes on self-defence in gym centers around your area. This will teach you basic skills that will help you defend yourself when about to be assaulted.

Going out with pepper spray is another option. You have to be patient enough to let the attacker not notice you have one before you decorate his face with a well-shaken bottle.

Always get the number of security personnel around your areas. They can be your lifeline in difficult situations. Put their numbers on a quick dial. As such, you can pull a call through easily.

You can protect yourself from sexual assault

All these steps will guarantee your safety for a period; attackers can be smart; you have to be smarter and think well ahead of an event. We do hope our environment will be free from sexual predators soon. Until then, keep protecting yourself and your family members.

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