Coronavirus: Break is Over, Is It Really Over?

Now you must have read and been tired of news of the Novel Coronavirus. In fact, in most countries, everyone is back to their business.

A few weeks ago, the United States and several other countries were in the news for protests. From what we all saw, there was nothing like social distancing.

You will also notice that footballing activities and other sporting activities have also resumed all around the world. Businesses that were once closed are now open again. Churches, banks, malls, and offices are also now opened all around the world. 

All these new developments have led to many asking the question, is the pandemic now over? In fact, in most countries, there are doubts that Covid-19 was even present at any point. Well, is it really over? Is the world on autopilot? Should we be concerned about the development? Let’s find some answers to those questions. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is Truly a Pandemic 

Irrespective of what you’ve heard others say, including OAPs, Celebrities, Educated folks, and some medical personnel, the pandemic is not just a political tool, it’s really a pandemic. 

Up to this point, more than 8,578,052 individuals have been infected with the virus, with 456,284 deaths recorded at the moment. It’s also good to note that 4,530,261 individuals have recovered fully from the virus. 

These numbers prove beyond any doubt that Covid-19 is truly a pandemic.

Is the Covid-19 cure now available? 

The other big question that many are now asking is, is the Covid-19 cure now available? If one has been following the development in each country, one would at this point, be confused when answering that question. 

There were news reports that the cure is now available, with a drug attributed to completely getting rid of the virus discovered in an African country. Sadly, the number is not dwindling, not in the country, not in other countries. 

There are several thousands of DIY cures that have also been making the waves over the past month. But, if the statistics are anything to go with, one will doubt the credibility of such drugs seriously.

There are several other medications to have been recommended for treatment, but they are not said to be the cure for the virus. It’s worth noting that many are confused by the fact that there is no known treatment, yet more than half of those infected have made a full or partial recovery. So, how are they recovering? 

All these make the question of cure availability more pressing. It is good to note that, There is no Cure for coronavirus (Covid-19) at this point. While it can be managed with all medications that have been used, the single cure for preventing the virus is yet to be discovered. 

Is there any hope of getting coronavirus cure? 

This is another question that many have asked over the past few weeks. Never has technology been defeated this long in our century. Scientists seem to be losing the battle to get the single cure. 

Governments have approved several drugs of different countries for trials, none of this has been pronounced as the sole cure for coronavirus (Covid-19). Yet, all hope is not lost; we can expect the vaccine to come out soon if the development all around the world is anything to go by. 

What should be done in the meantime? 

One would remember the strict restrictions that were provided at the early stage of the pandemic. The long list of don’ts that all were expected to follow. It’s good to note that the number would probably have reduced if all have actually adhered to these instructions.

Even now, many of not all now live as if the pandemic is over. As stated earlier, all activities are now back to their normal state. Curfew has left the day for night. Transportation has begun working full-time.

It is good to note that the resources for treatment are limited. Once a country hit the peak number of cases, then the number of deaths will start to increase. As such, now is the time to become more serious about the pandemic. 

Keep your hygiene game up as everyone who has been going out is now a suspect. Wash your hands with running water and soap. Make use of hand sanitizer, when going out, go around with your Face Mask, quickly report to the nearest hospital if you are experiencing the symptoms. Hand washing Coronavirus

Avoid social gathering, go out when you need to only, clean all exposed surfaces. Maintain social distance. Avoid crowded areas and places.

We may have forgotten the famous phrase, “Flatten the Curve” but it’s doable.

We only need to be active in our fight against the pandemic. 

The Bottom Line 

Contrary to popular opinion, the coronavirus pandemic is increasing at an alarming rate. This can be attributed to the lackadaisical attitude of people, everyone when dealing with the pandemic. 

Yet, we must all endeavour to take charge and keep ourselves safe now. Follow all the instructions provided by the government in your country, and ensure you’re alive when the cure for coronavirus (Covid-19) is finally discovered. 


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