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Anxiety: Tips for Managing Social Anxiety After Lockdown

In several lands, and across different countries, social anxiety is expected to increase as many are getting the opportunity to socialize in public again. It is best to talk about the best ways to get rid of anxiety disorder that is becoming prevalent in our world. The truth is, everyone is happy to get back to their regular routine, but these routines are guaranteed to bring back anxiety, after such a long time in isolation.

Social Anxiety

Why is Social Anxiety a problem?

For those who are not socially active, this period has been the perfect one for them, but why hide in a shell when there is a lot life has to offer? To help avoid social anxiety, it is best to move at your own pace, having an empty social calendar for such a long time might make you confused about the best way to go about your future social activities, when you are interested in getting back on track quickly, you have worries about how all other events will turn out.

Many were forced into depression, this can be attributed to the sudden change in their social activities. Those who have a high social life were confined to the walls of their home for a long time, switching focus to staying alive, or being concerned about the health status of friends and family.

Now that all is over, one can quickly go overboard or go below expectations if care is not taking. So, let’s explore some ways to help you get rid of anxiety disorder.

Tips To Help Get Rid of Anxiety Disorder

Now that you are primed for socializing, here are some simple tips that will significantly help you.

Do it Gently

If you have often been battling social anxiety, one best way to get rid of the condition is to get involved in social activities slowly. As such, you will be able to gradually adapt to all the high requirements of social life, without letting it get the best of you. The lockdown has resulted in avoiding friends, workmates, and neighbors, one thing that is about to end, so you have to be introduced into the system gradually.

Don’t just jump into it, ease into the system slowly. You need the help of friends if you will have a good start. Connecting with friends in your circle will make it easier for you to get back into the system.

Since they are your friends, they will understand you better and will be able to work at your pace. Start by identifying those you enjoy spending time with regularly—those who can be honest with you about your activities. Then gradually, you may expand your coast as the situation improves.

Entertain a little fear (Positive Anxiety)

Maybe this is not what you want to hear, but others might get into the system quite well, you are expected to have your own reaction and anxiety about a situation. In our generation, we have not been exposed to such global threats before, it was, and it’s still a new reality for us all.

So, no one has the best experience on how to handle the situation, we can only try to do it the best way. Not even experts have the right answer on how to go about our activities, we all keep trying out new ways to improve our lives. Hence, it is very normal to have doubts and uncertainties as we go forward.

It is best to entertain a little fear and not do things that will endanger your life. There are several factors to ponder on as we start engaging in our regular activities.

The pandemic is not totally over; you should think about your health, age, the situation of your environment, and how others will behave. You should be concerned about your safety. What we don’t know about the aftereffect of the pandemic is bigger than what we know.

So, start with those you trust and know. Do you want to party? Go for functions? Go on tourist trips? Or engage in other fun-filled activities? Going with those you know will reduce your worries.

You are not the only one battling with such a problem, several others are fighting with it, such ones will make a proper associate for you as you gradually ease back into the system.

Think of how events will turn out

Thinking of how events will turn out will make it easier for you to plan each day’s activities. Think of the people you will be meeting each day, the role they will likely play, and how you will interact with each person. Think of what you’ll say, what you’ll do, and why you should take each step.

Are you going out with your friend? Develop new ways of greeting them rather than hugging and shaking them. If you start to have negative thoughts try to address them immediately. That is why you are thinking about the event before you engage in them. The Anxiety you are supposed to have when engaging in social activities can be avoided with effective planning from home.

Practice Self-care

There are several ways to care for yourself. If I am providing a list, we will not finish counting. I’ll tell you some nonetheless. Try to:

  • Sleep and wake up early
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat healthy food
  • Reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Exercise is a must
  • Walk every day
  • Meditate for few minutes daily
  • Watch nature or visit parks
  • Reduce intake of sugar
  • Visit friends as much as possible
  • Take a lot of fruit
  • Plan each day’s activities
  • Take breathing exercise

Turn to Professional for Help

There is a lot you can do on your own; there are also many things professionals can add to help you overcome social anxiety. They can help you deal with your anxiety and help you overcome panicking. Mental health experts can help tie each knot and concerns that you have. Leaving you with little or no worries. Go for counseling sessions, you can get better results with counselors and professionals.

Summing it up

Social anxiety is a severe problem post pandemic, but the steps highlighted above are fundamentally necessary if you will come out stronger.

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