Ear Health: How to Improve Ear Health

The ear is one of the most important organs in the body. Immediately it stops working; a part of you is dead. Legend says, when your ear is gone, it is gone for good. This is one reason why you should be concerned about losing your power of hearing.

One way to help your ear retain its power is by regularly monitoring the ear, and carefully keeping it safe. Talking about taking care of the ear, there are several stories online on how one can care for the ear.

Well, you need to be careful about the information you are consuming. So, I will walk you through some excellent ways to care for your ear. Carefully pay attention to all the information provided, as it will be valuable going forward.

Ways to care for your ear

They are simple, yet they are very important in helping you keep your ear in the best condition.

Earplugs are important around noise

Most cases of hearing loss have been due to noise. Such ones often spend their time at work around loud machines which keep working for several hours. This loud working environment negatively impacts their hearing power.


Some who also engage in leisure activities where loud noise is unavoidable also suffer the same fate.  So, if you club regularly or attend parties on a steady schedule if you work with instruments like a chainsaw, mowers, etc. you run a risk of damaging your ear.

Making use of an earplug, musician earplugs will help you reduce the noise entering your ear through effective filtering of noise. As long as the noise is a bit above the normal level, plug in your earplug, and stay protected.

Loud music is harmful

Let me fill you with a bit of a surprise. According to WHO, approximately 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults worldwide are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss, that’s noise from their electronic devices. That’s a huge number I hear you say.

One truth is, we all love music, in fact, most of us love our music more when played on high volume. The sweeter it is, the easier it kills. So, while you plug your earpiece or headphone to enjoy your favorite music, note that by the time you remove it, you gradually reduce your chances of hearing clearly.

Here is a suggestion, when you plug your earbud, ensure it does not cross the 60% volume level. Good enough, some device will give you a recommendation, try not to exceed this recommendation.

Restrict the use of earphones to 1 or 2 hours every day at a very moderate volume. The truth is, earbuds are very dangerous if they are plugged to face your eardrum directly; they cause harm quickly. As an alternative, make use of headphones and remember the golden rule.


Volume at 60% or below. A span of 2 hours or less every day. Others don’t need to shout when speaking with you. 

Let you ear rest 

You personally take some time to rest every day, don’t you think your ear deserves some rest too? Getting exposed to several hours of noise is detrimental to your ear health as we have noted, it is best to avoid this noise when possible.

Move away from the source of noise for a few minutes or hours. Experts advise 16 hours of quiet if you spent your night listening to loud music.

Cotton Swab is not an option

I know you must have read this several times, yet you still have a roll of the cotton swab in your house. Well, this might be the last time you’ll read it before you damage your ear. The use of a cotton swab is very common, as many have seen it as the easiest way to get rid of dirt or wax that is in the ear canal.

Research has shown that having a little bit of wax in your ear is normal and healthy. The ear is one of the self-cleaning organs in the human body, and the wax present in the ear serves several purposes. It helps stop dust from gaining entrance into your ears, this same wax prevents other harmful particles from entering into your ears. 

While you remove them, you expose your ear to these harmful substances. More importantly, you may damage the sensitive part of the ear with the object you are dipping inside the ear.

If you are uncomfortable with the excess wax in your ear, you can make use of a damp towel to gently remove the wax, ear wax solution is another option that can help remove the excess wax. This solution will soften the wax and help it come out easily on its own. Better still, visit a professional for more safety procedures.

Be careful with the use of ear drops and medications

A friend of yours made use of a specific medication and ear drop, he is now hearing perfectly, and all is well with him. Dear that is not reason enough for you to use the same drug. The body makeup differs; more importantly, some medications, when used out of the right recommendation, can lead to hearing loss. Only use medications advised by an expert.

A dry ear is a healthy ear

You must keep your ear dry at all times. Why? When the ear is wet, or when you have excess moisture in your ear, you are providing the right atmosphere for bacteria to survive and attack your ear canal.

There numerous ear infections like swimmer’s ear, which can lead to permanent hearing loss that you are exposed to with a wet ear.

After taking your bath or swimming, endeavor to wipe the ear dry and clean the ear immediately. You can also tilt and swing the ear if you feel there is excess water in your ear.

As an alternative, make use of earplugs, which are designed to block entry of water into your ears when swimming. You can get it for both adults and kids, make use of these earbuds when swimming or bathing.

Move around regularly

Simple exercises are not only beneficial for strength building, but they also help your ear health. When you exercise regularly, sufficient blood is pumped to the ear. As such, your ear stays healthy, and you hear better.

You can help your ear work better by regularly engaging in exercises, and taking steps to protect the ear. Additionally, you should endeavor to make use of protective tools when engaging in exercise. Helmet when cycling or riding a bike as this prevents you from damaging your ear when riding.

Stress impacts the ear negatively

Another thing that impacts the ear negatively is stress. As a worthy solution, endeavor to manage your stress level at all times. Anxiety and stress have often been seen as one major cause of the minor and permanent hearing loss or Tinnitus.

Quiet Your Brain
Quiet Your Brain

The human body can switch into fight or flight mode in the face of stress, this can put a lot of pressure on your nerves, increase the rate of blood flow, body heat, and this can cause a lot of stress on the ear, leading to Tinnitus.

Regular Check-up is important

You can do a lot on your own to care for your ear, but there is more you can do with professional help. Visit professionals regularly to check the condition of your ear and see if there are new things you can learn about caring for your health.

A regular check-up will also help you know if anything is wrong with the ear, or if the ear is in good condition. Never underestimate the benefit of professionals on improving your ear health.

Final Words

We have explored several ways to care for your ear health. Taking care to follow these instructions will help you improve the health of your ear and help it work for a longer time. You don’t need to be part of the expected 1.1 billion that will suffer hearing loss in the future. Do you have any questions? Opinions to share? Or words of thanks for the writer? Please make use of the comment box.


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