What is Hematidrosis (Sweating Blood)?

He went up the hill to pray, and his sweat became like blood. Many who have had the opportunity to read the Bible can easily understand the origin of this statement. But such ones have been left to wonder if it’s possible for anyone to have Hematidrosis (sweating blood).

Blood sweat is a condition also known as Hematidrosis, and from scientific records, it is a very rare condition. This is a medical condition that often causes blood to come out with sweat even when one is not injured or suffering any physical cut.


Facts About Hematidrosis

This medical condition is so scarce that you likely may not have heard of it before.

I did a careful search to see how prevalent the medical condition is, and the result clearly shows that it is not a prevalent medical condition. I visited some authority and reputable health websites, and I realized many did not make mention of the medical condition or possible cure.

All these points to the fact that Hematidrosis is a rare condition that has not received enough mention over the years due to the fact that it is not a prevalent condition.

Symptoms of Hematidrosis

The few people who have developed this condition often sweat blood from their skin. This sweat often happens around the face, on the skin surface. This sweat can also be lining inside the body in locations like the nose, mouth, or stomach

During the period when this sweat occurs, the area where the blood comes out may swell temporarily.

Some are likely to experience bloody tears which are called Hemolacria. Some experience Otorrhea which is bleeding from the ears.

Hematidrosis discharge always looks like blood, and when it comes with sweat, you see a blood-stained sweat.

In most cases, the beading tends to stop on its own, and it does not usually feature heavy bleeding. On the other hand, this bloody sweat can make you dehydrated, and raise your anxiety level as you tend to be scared of the sight.

What Can Cause Hematidrosis?

The exact cause sweating blood is surprisingly unknown, this is because the condition is a rare one, and there have not been enough studies to provide such information.

There are speculations about the cause anyways, some doctors have suggested that the body’s response to flight or fight gives birth to Hematidrosis.

The process often involves the breaking open of the tiny blood vessels in the skin. As such, the blood inside these vessels escapes through the sweat gland leading to blood sweat.

In some cases, the skin structure contains some little pockets that retain blood, and when filled up, you start to experience blood sweat as hair grows around these pockets. These are just two of the primary explanations of how Hematidrosis occurs.

Who can develop Hematidrosis?

This is a medical condition that can affect anyone. Even though it’s a rare condition, it often serves as a symptom for other medical conditions like high blood pressure, or bleeding disorder.Hematidrosis

When women are having their monthly period, some can experience Hematidrosis.

As said in the introduction, if the incidence was literal, then it’s easy to note that stress, distress, and fear of punishment or death can result in sweating blood.

Visit a Doctor

It is very possible to determine the cause of your blood sweat if you reach out to a doctor immediately it happens. At the onset, it will be easier to explain what led to you experiencing this condition, and how long it lasted.

They may provide you with information on how to live healthier, get rid of stress, and deal with your emotions.

They may also need to review your medical record or health history of family members. Those are ways to identify why you are experiencing the condition.

In severe circumstances, your doctor might recommend a blood and imaging test as this will give a clearer picture of why you are sweating blood. This test may also check if your liver and kidneys are working well.

A dermatologist is the best bet if you are battling with Hematidrosis.

How To Treat Hematidrosis

The best treatment option is to speak with your doctor. What will they tell you? I honestly don’t know, when you get to the river, you will cross.

You may also be advised to use Beta-blocker or vitamin C if your condition is influenced by blood pressure.

If you are dealing with depression, Antidepressants, or Anti-anxiety medications may be advised too. You may also be encouraged to take drugs that help your blood clot better.

Summing it up

Overall, when dealing with Hematidrosis, you really don’t need to panic. While it is a rare and unpopular medical condition, you can always get help from doctors, treatment from home is not advisable as there are a lot of factors to consider when finding the root cause of the problem.

SpicedEssay wishes you good health.


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