Content in Digital Marketing

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Is content important in digital marketing? How would you answer this question? For most people, it will be a resounding yes! 

Nonetheless, many are yet to unleash the power of content for their marketing activities. You may wonder, is it due to lack of trust in well-written content? 

Are people unsure of where to turn to when searching for compelling content to accompany their marketing activities? 

In truth, the importance of content in digital marketing cannot be overemphasized.  Before we begin, let’s talk about content. What is the story for content?

Is Content a Mystery?

Content is no mystery! It describes all forms of graphic, text, video, or other interactive elements displayed on a website. 

The value of a website significantly increases when they have content that can motivate their audience to action. If a website is void of content, why will anyone visit? 

As earlier highlighted, a website can feature different forms of content. The champion of all these is the textual content. 

Content is king! But it takes an excellent text to break down complicated images, explain the idea behind a video, or give a full account of what your business does. 

Content writing goes beyond putting pen on paper and writing everything that comes to your mind. You can use content strategies for digital marketing if you want your words to motivate your readers to act. 

Contents should be carefully designed to deliver your king idea and reach the heart of your audience. If your content can steal their attention for a long time, you are genuinely ready for digital marketing. 

It’s now time to explore the importance of content in digital marketing. 

So, let’s examine 6 outstanding importance of content in digital marketing below

Importance of Contents in Digital Marketing

Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, the content on your website matters. Your goal is to help your leads and customers understand what you do and how you deliver your top-notch services. 

But you can’t just walk to them all and start lecturing them on these details. The best way to handle this is to lead them to your website, where they will find the information. 

Here are seven compelling importance of content in digital marketing you should know.

Google Values Contents

How do you feel when you search for your product on Google, and you see your website? You automatically have the assurance that everyone can see your business and the services you offer. 

Google remains the number one go-to search engine. Hence it would help if you cared about google identifying your business. Every day, millions are searching for the service you render or something related. 

Google allows you to meet customers from different locations. But everything hinges on creating content on your website. 

When you don’t have content on your website, Google has nothing to feed on; remember, Google’s food is content! 

How do you make your business visible on Google? First, you need to create content that features keywords that are relevant to your industry. The keyword is what your customers will search for, and you’ll come on their list if your content meets their expectations. 

If a reader successfully visits your website, your content should inspire them to use your services. Hence, you need to incorporate Call to Action (CTA). 

The CTA should be located at the tail end of the page.  Its work is to woo the reader to subscribe to your service, convert them into leads, and eventually into paying customers. 

The CTA can be in the form of; Contact us today! Get a free quote now! Click here to get started! Contact us! Amongst others. 

Digital marketing through your website exposes you to numerous customers that require your services. Your website is your figurative warehouse. 

Google is the door that leads to your warehouse. Your website is the content that opens you to new customers. 

Without having content, Google will never recognize your business, and this will dwarf the success of your digital marketing activities. 

Content Speaks with Your Audience

How many people can you speak with about your business in a day? Take a look at the average visitors on some of the leading websites and stores in the world. 

What does that tell you? While you can speak with many people, you cannot meet as many people as your content. Your content will help you meet more people. 

The good part is, you can use your content to inform people of your business and the offer you deliver when you haven’t seen them. Location is not an issue too; your content travels further than you.

If you sell item “X,” you will be happy to answer questions about the item you sell. If 100 people approach you every day to ask for details about item X, how easy would it be to answer them all? 

Even if you have employed staff to help you answer their questions, can they deliver the message exactly the way you want them? 

Hard I hear you say! Content in digital marketing can answer the burning question of millions of customers every day. All they need is to open your website and find satisfying answers to their questions. 

What content does!

Your content gives your audience a clearer picture of your services and how the service affects them individually. When your customers are well informed about your services, they do not hesitate to use the service. 

Another good thing about creating compelling content on your website is that your content has no expiry date. Once it’s out, it remains relevant and can be updated over time. 

Whatever service you offer, write a compelling post on the service. Post it on your website, and see how it increases your lead generation.

As long as your message is clear, you are close to earning yourself more customers through content marketing on your website.

Content Marketing is Cost-effective

You might wonder, wouldn’t it cost much to create content for my website? The answer is no! The creation of content for your blog is highly affordable. 

I can help you write compelling articles for your blog. Click here to learn more. 

According to recent statistics from Forbes, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Additionally, content marketing delivers three times as many leads compared to traditional marketing. 

What does this mean? While you spend less to get content for your website, you will make more sales and meet more prospective customers. 

If you want your business to grow, you need to unleash the power of content and break the ice in your reader’s mind. 

But you need to seek experts’ help if you need content that will trigger your audience to convert. 

It is not about talking; it is about saying the right thing. Passing the right message and giving the correct information.

Content marketing requires paying careful attention to details about your business. Give your audience the wrong information, and see how quickly they find other businesses. 

When you hire marketers to speak with your customer, you incur a monthly cost. You pay for their service. You pay for the tools used, and for transport, etc. 

On the other hand, when you post your article on your website, you are not required to make any further payment. The content will continually speak with your audience, and you keep making money off the article. 

Fun Fact: Your content (articles) cannot protest, neither do they go on strike. As long as your website is running, they are working for you. 

Buyers Want to Read

Business owners sometimes believe the users will not read that information attached to a product. How accurate is this assumption? 

While it is a culture for many to dump the package and instruction and follow their head knowledge, the internet’s development is gradually correcting this anomaly. 

Since there is more than one type of product in the market, users now feel the need to understand more about each product’s details. 

With your digital marketing content, you can tell your prospective customers about the product and services you offer. You can also tell them how to get the best out of such products and services. 

The buyers are hungry for information. That is why there are more websites on the internet. Everyone wants to read the details themselves. Failure to provide the detail they need; they switch to other sources. 

Recent research by the Economic Times shows that approximately 61% of people check their mobile devices within the first 5 minutes of waking up from sleep. 

What are these people checking?

Contents, information, websites, etc. Humans now feed more on content; it is the best way to gather the needed information.

Due to humans’ short attention span (distractions), speaking to them might result in gathering very little information. 

With your website, they might read little in the morning and complete the other part in the evening. 

Since the information is always available, they can always come back to get the full gist. It’s not surprising that most people now turn to online sources to get information. 

Your marketing activities can record much success when you provide information online for your customers. 

Neil Patel estimates that around 93% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing. Such figures show you that millions of marketers incorporate content for digital marketing. 

Content is Social Media Compatible

If you want to meet a million people today, where would you visit? Are you thinking of a famous market in your area? You are not totally wrong if that comes to your mind. 

Content in Digital Marketing

But there is no better location to meet millions of people within a few minutes, like social media platforms.

Consider the chart below and see the number of active users on popular social media networks around you. 

The good part is, 99% of these platforms are free for everyone. Hence, your business can still survive on the platform; there’s no limitation. 

Having designed and written persuasive content on your website, you can share such content to your social media pages. 

Your industry keyword is a must know if you want to meet more people quickly. You can get better results by having enough followers on social media. 

Using the right keyword for every post shared on social media will result in customers discovering your business early. 

So, what platforms can you use to share your content for digital marketing? Let’s explore some of the best ones.

Popular social media platforms 

  • Facebook: When you talk about the audience, as shown in the image above, Facebook is the number one destination. You can share text, videos, images, links, and audio. 
  • Twitter: On Twitter, you can use the latest trend to expose your leads to your brand. Sharable items include videos, links, images, and short texts. 
  • Pinterest: The platform is best for visual marketing. You can share images and videos on Pinterest. Showcase your products with ease. 
  • Instagram: One of the most popular platforms for marketers. Millions of images and videos are shared daily. Share such content and significantly improve your lead generation. 
  • LinkedIn: Often referred to as the professional tools. LinkedIn allows you to post articles, images, videos, etc. The chances of meeting customers if your content is unique are high on LinkedIn. 

Importance of content in social media marketing

Your social media marketing activity survives on content. As highlighted above, your marketing activity will be fruitless without content to fuel the process. 

So, what makes content so important in social media marketing? 

  • Content helps grow your audience. 
  • It helps you connect your brand with your audience.
  • Content increases lead generation and conversion.
  • You can use existing content on your website.

Content Makes You an Authority

What impression do you leave on readers when you speak about a specific topic? It shows them that you have sufficient information about the topic. More importantly, they see you as an authority in that field. 

Hence, you need to carefully prepare the content that you will share on your website. If you are regarded as an expert in a particular field, much is required of you to convince your reader that you’re truly an expert. 

Depending on the service your brand offers, you can carve posts that highlight certain aspects of problems faced by users. 

For instance, if your brand focuses on fashion, your content might revolve around the latest trend and everything in fashion. 

Since your readers have the impression that you are an expert, they trust you more. The good part is, you become their go-to person for fashion solutions. 

The more people trust your judgment, the more your brand’s name comes up in their discussions. With what results? 

You tend to generate more leads and convert with ease. People trust you the more, and you steer your marketing activities towards success. 

But all will be possible only if you prepare the right content for your readers. Give them something useful and appropriate to read. It pays you more! 

Lead Conversion is Attached to Your Content

The goal of every marketer is to generate and convert leads. What, though, help you generate leads? The content on your website is the most important tool for lead generation. 

How do you tell a prospect that you offer a service without content? A prospect will not take your word for it. Your words should be driven by substantial evidence. 

When you have contents that your prospect can read, view, and watch, your chances of generating leads increase. You get better results when you share content with your leads regularly. 

Your presence is an assurance that you offer quality services. A lead that will become a paying customer must have gone through the lead generation funnel. 

The lead funnel features four stages;

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

These four stages are driven by quality content. A lead will never go for your brand’s product if you don’t convince them of the quality you offer. 

Content in Digital Marketing
Lead funnel

Factors to Consider when Creating Content for Digital Marketing 

These four factors are essential for creating content for digital marketing;

Be Original

While several experts might have talked about the information you want to share, you need to make it your own. Your content should have a feel of your brand’s personality. 

It’s against the rule of content creation to copy or lift existing content. Hence, work around existing content, and make it your brand’s content. 

If your reader can identify the source of the content on your website, you have failed them. The key to success is to remain original. 

Be Creative

Creativity is life. You can’t be bland and expect to generate leads. Have you watched any advert, and you stand in awe at the simplicity but the completeness of the message shared?

You don’t need to cause a lot of drama. Writing a full page of articles without images makes your work less attractive. 

If you have an option for videos, include something that makes your viewer laugh without missing out on the message. 

Use Strong Headlines

You need a good headline if you want to spark interest in the content on your website. Sometimes, I explore some content because of the headline it carries. 

That’s a good bait for you to entice your readers. You know what they need, assure them that you can deliver!

Be Accurate and Consistent

Remember that they see you as an authority in your field. But if you often give them information that is not correct, that narrative will quickly change. 

Ensure that whatever you give them is filled with facts. Accuracy and consistency with the truth help you with lead conversion. 


The importance of content in digital marketing cannot be overemphasized. It holds the key to reaching your marketing goals. 

When you share the right content, generating leads and converting them into paying customers becomes more straightforward. 

SpicedEssay can help your brand create content that helps you generate more leads. Isn’t that your goal? Let’s start a new project together now! 

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